About Us


Fanola is one of UK’s largest beauty product suppliers solely dedicated to the care, beauty and health of your hair. What we can guarantee you about us is that we provide a diverse assortment of the most innovative hair products because at Fanola, we understand that a woman’s biggest fashion accessory today is her hair!

Efficiency, accuracy, and innovation are the standards by which we at Fanola UK conduct our business. We are incredibly passionate about the beauty industry and thrive on the premise that there are healthier ways to care for your hair! By using non-toxic colors and earth-friendly hair products we at Fanola UK strive to ensure everyone has access to the large range of high quality products.

Our educationally driven team is frequently introducing new trend-setting and safe product lines that salon owners and individuals alike can enjoy and feel assured about using to achieve the season’s freshest looks! A large priority for our diligent team is bringing the highest level of education alongside new products for professionals to learn about and use confidently.

We also understand the necessity to provide a broad selection of hair care supplies at various price points to meet all clients’ needs. We are highly committed to always have our products in stock and available to ship within 24-48 hours because we are all about making you happy through your hair. Fanola UK strives to achieve great results for all our customers from service to prices to shipping. We would love to hear from you or if you would like to learn more about us email [email protected]