4 Back to Uni Hairstyles for You to Try

The start of a new academic year is the perfect time to treat yourself to a cute, new back to uni hairstyle. We know that when we leave the salon with fresh locks, we feel like we can take over the world. These are certainly the kind of vibes you need, whether you are just starting university or going into your final year.

So we have rounded up the latest, hottest hairstyles for you to get inspiration. Only the best for our Fanola babes!

Back to Uni Hairstyle 1 – AirTouch Technique

It is a new, innovative technique which is currently hitting the hairdressing world by storm! This method creates natural-looking highlights with a seamless colour blend. You may have already seen it on your Instagram feed. It requires a hairdryer. Crazy, right. But this process achieves amazing results.

To create this, look, your colourist will firstly take each section of the hair and pull it tightly by the ends. They will then use a hairdryer over the section to blow out any shorter, baby hairs. Subsequently, it will give them a small, thin section to colour or lighten. Due to how subtle and natural the finished look is, you will not notice any harsh lines as your hair begins to grow out. This back to uni hairstyle is ideal if you want to lighten your hair and add depth.

Split ends can be a result of colouring your hair. To avoid breakages, use the After Colour Care Fluid Crystals. This product has a refreshing watermelon scent and adds shine to the hair. It contains linseed oils and beta carotene which promote hair growth.


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Back to Uni Hairstyle 2 – Money Pieces

Our favourite influencers all seem to be sporting money pieces now. Some opt for the more natural, thinner face-framing highlights. Whereas, others like to make a statement choosing to have thicker money pieces in striking colours. Even Queen B herself stepped out showcasing money pieces back in 2019.


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The best thing about this highlighting technique is it has minimal upkeep so if you do get bored of your money pieces you can just let them grow out into your hair. These face-framing highlights follow the natural parting of the hair and are created by hand-painting highlights from roots to ends. They even accentuate your face shape.

Keep your freshly coloured hair in excellent condition by adding a hair mask to your routine. Colour treated hair needs that extra bit of TLC, so reach for our Botugen Mask. This mask reconstructs hair from the inside and seals the cuticle.


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Back to Uni Hairstyle 3 – Colour Melt

Colour melting is even more natural than balayage and works with your natural colour. We love this method as it has a gradual transition between hues which means this look is low maintenance. Perfect for a student budget.

Colour melts involve painting three or more colours into the hair. The colours you select should be in the same range as your natural hair colour, as you do not want a stark contrast. A result of having a blend of lighter and darker highlights is you will not have noticeable roots. Colour melting is a perfect uni hairstyle option if you are a brunette who wants to transition to blonde but still wants it to look natural.

To maintain your salon colour, you will need to purchase a shampoo and conditioner that helps to preserve the colour intensity and shine. The Fanola After Colour Care range formulation does just that.

Back to Uni Hairstyle 4 – Silver Blonde

Silver-blonde hair is another Insta worthy hairstyle which is popular now. But this back to uni hairstyle is a big commitment due to the aftercare and upkeep. It is a twist on the classic platinum look with super cool tones. But beware, babes, you might not get the desired look first time round.

The first time you visit the hair salon, you should expect to have your hair bleached. The darker your hair is the more visits it will take to get your desired shade. As soon as your root grows out, they will be visible, so keep in mind that you will have to get regular touch-ups.


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Blonde colour treated hair is prone to damage it can easily dry out and become brittle if you don’t look after it properly. Silver-blonde hair is also susceptible to yellow tones which can leave you feeling not so icy.

You will need to invest in a quality, purple shampoo to keep any brassiness at bay. Our Fanola No Yellow Shampoo is currently the most popular on the market because of its strong violet pigments.

Our No Yellow Shampoo works well with the Fanola No Yellow Mask and works to restore hair to full health. The mask is highly conditioning and nourishes locks.

Everyone knows that a fresh new hairstyle means its time to invest in some brand-new hair care. After all, maintenance is key if you want to keep your hair looking salon-fresh and preserve that perfect colour match for your back to uni hairstyle. So, we have decided to treat you to 20% off everything with Unidays. Head over to their website now to get your code. Happy shopping!


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