5 Reasons Why Your Blonde Hair Is Turning Yellow

There is nothing better than salon fresh blonde hair. However, more often than not, after a few weeks, you may find that your blonde hair is starting to turn yellow. The creamy, vanilla blonde you left the salon with now has unwanted yellow tones. A style that doesn’t look good on anyone. But before you contact your hairstylist to complain. First, consider have you been following the correct aftercare regime to maintain your blonde hair. In this post, you will find the five most common reasons your hair is turning yellow.

1. You are Washing Your Hair Too Much

We know that nothing beats the feeling of freshly washed hair. But what if we told you that how much you wash your hair can affect how long your blonde stays blonde. Washing your hair every other day doesn’t sound so good now. Does it? The reason why you should avoid washing your hair so much is that shampoo tends to strip the colour pigments. Therefore, leaving you with yellow hair. We would recommend washing your blonde hair no more than two times a week. Remember, you can always use dry shampoo in between wash days to freshen up your strands. However, if you regularly use dry shampoo, make sure to use a clarifying shampoo once a month to get rid of buildup.

Always Use A Colour Safe Shampoo and Conditioner

On the days that you do wash your hair, you should be using a colour safe shampoo and conditioner. Colour safe products help to prevent your colour from fading during washes. Some also help to repair any damage that occurred during the colour service.

2. Your Toner Has Faded

The blonde hair of your dreams isn’t achieved with just hair bleach alone. After your hairstylist has washed off the bleach at the backwash, they will then apply a toner to your hair. Toners contain pigments that adjust the tone of the hair. They work to emphasize certain tones and eliminate undesired tones. Toners are part of the hair colouring process and provide you with the finished colour. However, toners contain very little ammonia, which means they are not permanent. They last for up to 6 weeks. So, once the toner begins to fade, this is when you will start to notice yellow tones in your hair.


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How to Tone Your Blonde Hair At Home

Although your toner will fade over time, you can still keep your blonde hair toned to perfection in between salon appointments. How? By using purple shampoo. Now you may be thinking, how can a purple shampoo stop my hair from turning yellow. Colour theory, that’s how. It is because purple sits directly across from yellow on the colour wheel. So, therefore, cancels it out.

Our No Yellow Shampoo is one of our bestselling products because it works so well at toning blonde hair. We recommend using it every third wash and leaving it on your hair three to five minutes before rinsing it off.

3. The Porosity Of Your Hair

Blonde hair is more porous than other hair types. It means that the hair cuticle is lifted and doesn’t lie flat. A raised cuticle means that hair colour is likely to fade more quickly. Therefore, it is important to treat damaged, porous hair with care. One thing that blonde hair tends to be lacking is moisture. This is why it is essential to take time out for a hydrating hair mask once a week.

4. The Sun

If you are lucky enough to live somewhere hot, then the sun may be one of the reasons why your blonde hair is turning yellow. UV exposure and oxidisation can both wreak havoc on your hair in a hot climate and lead to your colour fading. Which, in return, unveils the yellow tones in your hair. When out in the sun, we advise using a UV protection product on your hair.

5. Chlorinated Pool Water

Having blonde hair shouldn’t stop you from enjoying one of your favourite hobbies. But if you go swimming without wearing a swimming cap. Then you can kiss goodbye to your blonde hair and say hello to your new yellow strands. Chlorine is the culprit here, as it strips your hair of its toner, revealing the undesired yellow tones. Another piece of advice is to step in the shower before you jump into the pool. It is less likely to soak up the chlorinated water this way. You should also ensure that you wash your hair as soon as you are finished to wash away any chlorine in your hair.

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