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5 Steps to Revive Stressed Out Strands

Stressed out strands can be a common occurrence in the salon, and we are sure that after lockdown, we will see a lot more. We know how hard it is for some clients to resist the temptation of a box dye, after all. But before you can attempt to colour correct their hair. You must make sure that you aren’t going to be compromising the condition of their hair further. In some cases, this means that no colour or chemical services can be applied to the hair before it has first undergone a reconstructive treatment. Now is the time to introduce you to Botugen.

What Is Botugen

It is a professional reconstructive programme for the hair. The programme consists of 4 steps that aim to return hair to its natural protein balance, gaining a healthy and more vital look. 


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How It Works

When Botugen comes into contact with water present in the hair, the reconstructive molecule expands, creating a three-dimensional mesh that makes the hair’s fibre thicker and more voluminous.

Active Ingredients

Hyaluronic Acid – captures water and fills up poorly hydrated areas. Therefore, returning and restoring the right amount of water needed in the hair. It has a firming and smoothing effect.

Keratin – restores the lost protein to the hair fibre. It strengthens the hair fibre making it more resistant, compact, and robust. It integrates perfectly into the hair, repairing and restructuring it.

Reconstructive Molecule – reconstructs damaged hair from the inside.

These ingredients combined opens up the hair’s scales along the cuticle for an optimal restructuring action from inside.

The Five Steps

The Botugen Programme consists of four different steps, that include four separate products.

  1. Botugen Reconstructive Shampoo 1L
  2. Botugen Intensive Reconstructive Filler
  3. Botugen Reconstructive Mask
  4. Botugen Reconstructive Mask repeat
  5. Botugen Reconstructive Filler Spray

Botugen Reconstructive Shampoo 1L

Step 1

The shampoo is the first product to use in the four-step programme. It is a clarifying shampoo that works best when pushed against the scale of the cuticle to open them. It prepares the hair for the Reconstructive Filler.

Distribute the shampoo evenly through damp hair, rinse, and repeat, then lightly towel dry the hair.

Botugen Intensive Reconstructive Filler

Step 2

For the second step in the programme, you will need the Reconstructive Filler. The filler should be applied diagonally on towel-dried, uncombed hair. You need to apply the product strand by strand along the lengths. During this process, you need to massage against the scale of the cuticle, from the ends to the base of the hair.

Cover the Botugen Filler with cling film and leave it on for five to ten minutes under a heat source or a processing cap.

As a Guide You Should Use:

  • 20ml on short hair.
  • 30ml on medium hair.
  • 35-40ml on long hair.


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Botugen Reconstructive Mask

Step 3

Before applying the mask, you will need to remove the cling film from the hair. However, the filler will remain on the strands and should not be washed off. The third step in the programme involves applying the Botugen Mask with a tint brush all over the hair. The mask needs to be applied alongside the cuticle for closure. You can use either your fingertips or a wide tooth comb to lock in the filler deep in the cortex.

Once you have applied the mask, cover the hair again with cling film and leave it on for five minutes under a heat source or a processing cap, then rinse.

Step 4

Step 4 consists of reapplying the Botugen Mask to towel dried hair, concentrating on the ends and base. Massage the mask into the hair for two to three minutes to smooth and close the cuticles. Leave the product on for five minutes and rinse. 

 Filler Spray

Step 5

The Botugen Filler Spray should be used as the final step when styling the hair. After using the spray on your client, their hair will be extraordinarily shiny, soft, and silky. All you need to do is spray the product evenly along the mid-lengths and ends of towel dried hair. If you are going to use straighteners or any other heated styling tools on the hair, then you should spray the product on the hair a second time. 


This treatment should only be performed once every three months. It cannot be performed on the same day as another chemical service such as a colour or smoothing treatment.


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