5 Ways to Hide Greasy Roots

Would you choose to spend an extra 20 minutes in bed in the morning over getting up early to wash your hair? If the answer is more sleep, please, then carry on reading. Beauty sleep is something we value here at Fanola HQ. So, we know how annoying it is when you need to set your alarm earlier than usual to wash your hair. We also understand that rocking greasy roots is not acceptable. So this is why we have come up with a solution that will allow you to get your forty winks without having to sacrifice how good your hair looks. All that you need to do is master these 5 hairstyles that disguise greasy roots.

Wet Look Hair


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First up, we have the wet look hair trend that Love Island babe Faye Winter modelled during her time in the villa. Although, this hairstyle is reserved for summer only. You don’t have to be by a pool to be able to disguise your greasy roots with this hairstyle. We think this style is perfect for a last-minute night out when you know you need to be in an Uber within the next hour. 

To create this hairstyle, you will need a spray bottle filled with water, the Fanola Extreme Gel Fluid and the Fanola Extra Strong Ecological Lacquer.


  • First, spray your hair all over with water until it is damp.
  • Now, take the Extreme Gel Fluid and apply it throughout your damp hair paying particular attention to your roots.
  • Next, you will need to comb your hair back. Leave to dry naturally.
  • Finish the look with the Extra Strong Ecological Lacquer to fix the style in place.

Sleek Curls


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The next style we have is for our curly-haired babes. Luckily for you, greasy roots aren’t an issue you usually have to deal with, thanks to your hair type. However, flyaways and frizz are, and this hairstyle helps to hide both of those. So snooze that alarm and try out this hairstyle instead of heading for the shower.

To create this hairstyle, you will need the Fanola Nutricare Nutri-One 10 Actions Spray and the Fanola Extra Strong Gel.


  • Start by refreshing your curls with the Nutri-One 10 Actions Spray. Spray the product into damp hands and apply to your curls for an illuminating and softening action.
  • Next, you will need to apply the Extra Strong Gel to your root area.
  • Now, take a fine-tooth comb and create a centre parting. Smooth out any frizz or flyaways with a brush. Add more gel if needed.
  • To complete the hairstyle, you will need hairpins to keep the rest of your curls separate from the hair that has been defined with gel.

Accessories Are Your Hair’s Best Friend


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For those mornings, you are short on time or are in a rush. Sometimes the best way you can hide greasy roots is with a sun hat or bandana. When it gets to AW, you can swap these out for a fedora or a baker boy cap to make sure you and your roots are covered all year round.

Parisian Chic Bun


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The sleek bun is currently every influencer’s favourite hairstyle, and we can see why. Not only is it super easy to achieve, but it gives us effortless Parisian chic vibes. The best thing about this style is that your hair needs no prep. You can literally roll out of bed and create this look.

To create this hairstyle, you will need the Fanola Extra Strong Hairspray.


  • Firstly, use a hairbrush or a comb to brush your hair back and gather it into a low ponytail. Secure the ponytail with a hair tie. 
  • Now, you need to take the hair in your ponytail and twist it. Once the hair has been twisted, you can wrap it around the base of your ponytail. Secure in place with hairpins.
  • Lastly, spritz your style with the Extra Strong Hairspray.

Half Up, Half Down Ponytail

Half up, half down styles are ideal for hiding greasy roots. One of our favourites is a sleek, high ponytail. It is a hairstyle that can easily be worn from day to night, making it great for those after-work drinks on a Friday. 

To create this hairstyle, you will need the Fanola Anti Frizz Glossing Spray.


  • Start by taking a fine-tooth comb and separating the section of hair that will make up your ponytail from the rest of your hair.
  • Then, use a hairbrush to comb your hair back and smooth out any bumps before securing your ponytail with a hair tie. Leave a small section of hair out of the ponytail.
  • Now, take the section of hair that was left out of the ponytail and wrap it around the base of the ponytail. Secure the hair with hairpins.
  • Finish off the hairstyle by spraying the Anti Frizz Glossing Spray all over your hair for that extra shine.


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