5 Ways To Prepare Your Hair For A Salon Appointment

Fresh highlights are finally in site after the government’s announcement on Monday night. We are thrilled and are so excited for the hair community to open its salon doors once again. We bet most of you have already booked in with your hairstylist for your post lockdown glow up. But do you know how to best prepare your hair for your salon appointment? A few small changes to your hair routine on the run-up to your appointment can make a real difference.

Why You Need To Deep Cleanse Your Hair Before A Salon Appointment

Although you should already be giving your strands a deep cleanse once a month. It is particularly important to wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo before your salon appointment. It is because clarifying shampoos get rid of the natural build-up that accumulates on your hair and scalp. The build-up consists of styling products, natural oils and dirt. Using a detox shampoo will ensure that your strands are squeaky clean for your salon appointment.

Introduce A Hair Mask To Your Routine A Month Before Your Hair Appointment

The best way to ensure that your hair is in a healthy condition for your salon appointment is to use a hair mask once a week. However, hair masks come in all shapes and forms. So, it is important to choose one suitable for your hair. That will contribute to its overall condition. Keywords to look out for when choosing a mask for hair that might not be in its best condition are, nourishing, damaged, hydrating and reviving. 

Have Inspiration Pictures At Hand

Some hairstylists like to do the consultation before your salon appointment. Whereas others prefer to do it on the same day. Whether you have your consultation a week before your appointment or on the same day, you must have hair inspiration pictures to show your stylist. By showing them images of how you want your hair to look, they can be honest with you. It means they can tell you if it is achievable or if you need more than one appointment to reach your desired look. Also, you should remember that your idea of ‘light blonde’ could be completely different to your hairdresser’s version of ‘light blonde.’ The last thing your stylist will want to do is disappoint you.

Wash Your Hair One Or Two Days Beforehand

The reason why you shouldn’t wash your hair the same day as your appointment is because there won’t be enough natural oils to protect your scalp from staining or irritation. Another reason is that most colouring products are designed to work better on hair that isn’t squeaky clean. 

Stock Up On Colour Safe Hair Care For After Your Salon Appointment

There is no point in spending a lot of money on your new hair if you are to wash it down the drain a week later. We can’t stress enough how essential salon professional hair care is if you want to keep your colour looking vibrant and fresh. Most stylists will recommend products for you to purchase during your salon appointment. However, if you want to be extra organised. Then our After Colour Care range is ideal for freshly coloured hair. We can assure you that your hairdresser will approve! The range also contains linseed oil and beta carotene to help repair any damage that may have occurred during the colouring process. Another product you may need is a toning shampoo. But we would recommend asking your hairdresser about this, as they will be able to advise whether you need a blue or purple pigmented shampoo.

Other Things To Consider

The salon environment will be different after lockdown. They will have covid precautions put into place to keep you and the salon staff safe. However, if you haven’t had a salon appointment during the pandemic, then here a few things you can expect. 

  • You will need to wear a mask inside the salon unless you are exempt.
  • Hand sanitiser should be provided.
  • Social distancing will be in place.
  • Salon staff will be expected to do extra cleaning and wipe downs of stations in between appointments.

 If you are at all nervous about your first trip back to the salon. I am sure your selected hairdresser will be happy to reassure you and answer any questions you may have. 


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