6 Pumpkin Spice Colour Formulas for Autumn

Pumpkin spice season is officially here, and we can’t wait to see shades of copper, auburn, chestnut, and gold grace our Instagram feed. Autumn sees the demand for warm and rich colours grow in popularity, with pumpkin spice inspired hair climb to the top of everyone’s Wishlist. One of the best things about this autumn hair trend. Is that you can easily tailor the intensity and vibrance of the colour to your client’s desired results by altering your technique. For example, one client may prefer a subtle touch of copper. Therefore, a dimensional balayage over a full head of colour would be the best option for them. But this is something you can discuss with your client during the consultation. To prepare you for any upcoming colour consultations, you will find lots of autumnal inspiration and pumpkin spice formulas below. Happy spooky season!

Multi-tonal Copper Balayage


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Stealing just one look at this hair will have you dreaming of sitting around a roaring fire with a hot chocolate in hand. This balayage features beautiful warm tones that will keep the chill at bay until winter. The talented colourist behind this autumn creation is Millie from My Good Salon.

Fanola Formula


  • 30ml 9.3 + 30ml 8.44 + 5ml Red Intensifier

Pumpkin Melt


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Vibrant hair colour is one way to brighten up the autumn months ahead of us. The days may be dull, but that doesn’t mean your hair has to be. We love this pumpkin spice melt and its warm glow. We challenge you to persuade your clients to take the leap and go for something out of their comfort zone this autumn. This stunning colour was created by the talented Natasha from Fanola salon Hustle Hair.

Fanola Formula


  • 7.44 + 6%

Gingerbread Latte

Take inspiration from the autumn leaves for this next colour creation by our Fanola artist Claudia, based at Amore Hair. Claudia is a prime example of a hairstylist who pushes themselves out of their comfort zone and embraces any challenge thrown at them. She specialises in blondes and balayage. But look at how incredible this bold autumnal colour is that she created.

Fanola Formula


  • 43 + 8.4 + 3%

Cinnamon Reverse Balayage

We can confirm that a cinnamon reverse balayage looks just as good as it sounds. Fanola artist Grace shows us how to embrace and adapt the pumpkin spice trend for clients who prefer something more subtle. This reverse balayage is proof that sometimes less is more. Head to Grace’s salon Instagram for more autumnal inspiration.

Fanola Formula


  • Roots – Oro Therapy 5.00 + a drop of Rosso + 20vol
  • Mids – Oro Therapy 5.00 + 8.4 + a drop of Rosso + 25vol
  • Ends – Wet balayage with Oro Therapy Bleach + 20vol + shampoo + Copper Flow Color Mask

Autumn Sunset


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Picture thisIt’s a Saturday afternoon. You’re curled up in your favourite chair about to watch Hocus Pocus. You look out of the window, and what do you see? An autumn sunset. This hair is our version of a blissful autumn sunset and was painted by Fanola artist and colour queen Mel.

Fanola Formula


  • 3.0 + Copper Flow Color Mask


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It has suddenly gotten a lot hotter in here, thanks to this extra spicy hair colour. Maddison is the mastermind behind this beautifully bold creation. We expect that this version of the pumpkin spice trend will be popular with clients who love vivid colours.

Fanola Formula


  • Bleach bath with Violet Bleach, 3% + Purifying Shampoo
  • 8.44 + 3% applied all over dry hair
  • Root Shadow on wet hair 5.4 + 1.05%

Pumpkin Spice Aftercare

Colour treated hair requires specific aftercare to help maintain hair colour and health in between salon appointments. The After Colour Care range has the perfect products for your clients to take home with them after their appointment. The range is specifically formulated for colour treated hair to help preserve the duration and brightness of cosmetic colour. Another product we would recommend to take home is the Copper Flow Color Mask. The mask is great for clients who want to revive their hair colour at home while waiting for their next appointment.


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