8 Balayage Ideas That Will Wow

Balayage is always going to be one of the most requested colour services in the salon. But that doesn’t mean it has to get boring. The colour technique is constantly evolving as new trends appear and the seasons change. Therefore, there are always new variations to take inspiration from. However, if you are stuck in a balayage rut, take a read of our blog post, complete with Fanola formulas.

Ash Bronde


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The hairstylists over at My Good Salon know a thing or two about creating a breathtaking balayage. But that is no surprise when they have the queen of lived in balayage mentoring them. We are talking about our Fanola artist @cs.walker_, of course! The wonderfully talented Sian created this dreamy ash bronde balayage using all Fanola products. She started by applying slices of Prestige 6.0 to certain places to create dimension. Sian then went on to bleach foils with 9% for the face frame.

Fanola Formula

Slices of Prestige 6.0

Bleach Foils with 9%

Global toner 10ml 9.2F, 20ml 8.1 and 30ml 8.0

Root smudge 6.0

Toffee Drizzle


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Now, this is KNOT, your average balay! Natasha transformed her client’s grown out brassy balayage to this toffee drizzle delight. We love this transformation as it shows just how low maintenance balayage can be. Client’s who prefer to visit the salon once or twice a year max is best suited to this colour service. It is because the grow-out is much less noticeable than other colour techniques.

Fanola Formula

4.0 and 5.1 with 3% on the root smudged down into the mid-lengths and towards the ends

Previous grown out balayage toned with 8.1 and 1.5%

No Orange Shampoo

Sandy Glow

Balayage and blonde specialist Claudia is the hair magician behind this next level balayage. These mermaid waves have got us dreaming of being by the sea with a cocktail in hand. Claudia is one of our fantastic Fanola artists. She is a huge fan of our Violet Bleach Powder which is low in ammonia. To achieve the perfect blonde tones, Claudia has opted for our No Yellow Ice Toners T.21 and T.02.

Fanola Formula

Violet Bleach Powder and 3%

T.02 and T.21 and 1.05%

Vintage Blonde

Have you ever wanted to look like you belong on a red carpet in Hollywood? Of course, you have, which is why there was no way we couldn’t include Grace’s vintage blonde balayage. We think that this colour radiates glamour and deserves a spot on the front of a fashion magazine. Our Fanola artist Grace used a mixture of colours from our Prestige range to achieve these beautiful results.

Fanola Formula

Prestige toner Silver 55g and Beige 25g and 10 vol for all over tone

7.0 and 3.5 vol for root melt

Bronzed Goddess

Bronzed and brilliant are two words to describe this balayage by Mel. Everything about this colour is mesmerising, from the dazzling shine to the seamless blend, to recreate this beautiful balayage by Mel. You will need our bestselling No Yellow 9 Tone Bleach, a firm favourite of Mel’s.

Fanola Formula

No Yellow 9 Tone Bleach 3%

Toned with 8.14

No Yellow Shampoo

Caramel Crush

We have a crush on this gorgeous caramel balayage created by Hannah. Who managed to turn the previous patchy balayage into this dimensional dream. Hannah brought this hair back to life with the perfect combination of light and dark to create that all-important contrast.

Fanola Formula

No Yellow 9 Tone Ultra Lightener

Toner 10.1 3.5%

Golden Syrup

Our Fanola artist Cassie took this hair from drab to fab with her amazing balayage skills. We can’t take our eyes off the captivating ribbons of blonde, which compliment the darker tones in this balayage perfectly. Cassie is always wowing us with her incredible hair transformations and this one is no different!

Fanola Formula

Violet Bleach Powder 10 vol

Toner 10.1

Vanilla Icing

This vanilla blonde balayage by SS Makeup Studio looks good enough to eat. If your client want’s a more low maintenance blonde for summer, then this would be a great example to show them. After all, no one likes a harsh regrowth band.

Fanola Formula

No Yellow 9 Tone Ultra Lightener

Toner T.02

No Yellow Shampoo

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