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You’ve now achieved the perfect colour and perfected your styling but there’s just one issue…the dreaded DANDRUFF! Anti Dandruff Shampoo can help fix many of the issues that dandruff causes, such as itching and irritation as well as the flakey skin. It can also cause serious embarrassment! Finding the perfect Anti Dandruff Shampoo can often be hard and you may struggle to find one that suits your hair types. To help understand how to find an amazing Anti Dandruff Shampoo let’s start with what actually causes dandruff. 


What Causes Dandruff?

Dandruff is a condition that comes in varying degrees of a medical condition known as seborrheic dermatitis. Most people assume its easy to spot and generally it is, but sometimes we can mistake it for other things or not even notice is. Some easy symptoms to spot with dandruff are:

  • irritation
  • Itchy skin 
  • Flaky skin
  • Oily hair

There’s many reasons that cause dandruff to occur, some are easy to manage but others are harder to treat. The most obvious and serious causes are skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis which you may need to consult your medical professional if symptoms persists. Another skin condition that is often that cause of dandruff is contact dermatitis. These skin conditions might be hereditary or could be from using the wrong hair care products and placing chemicals or substances that your skin may have serious reactions to. Having a bad diet is another reason why your skin could be oily or irritated.

There is also a yeast like fungus called (malassezia) that feeds on the oils on the scalps of some adults which can result in dandruff. Some natural causes are things like cold or dry air can affect the skin to become dry and flaky. The easiest and most treatable possible reason for dandruff is not shampooing enough or over shampooing.

What Prevents Dandruff?

The first thing you should have a look at adjusting to prevent dandruff is to change your diet. This will help if your body is possibly creating too many oils or possible reactions your body could be having to your diet. Another easy prevention is simply washing your hair more or less than your usual routine. The recommend average wash is 1-2 times a week.

Selecting the right shampoo to suit your individual dandruff issue is another tricky but necessary part that you need to research. Compounds such as
Pyrithione zinc or Piroctone olamine are anti fungal treatments that you need to have in your shampoo to help aid dandruff correctly.

Fanola’s Anti-Dandruff Shampoo range Purity is enriched with Piroctone Olamine and sebum control which is the key ingredient to kill the fungal infection that causes dandruff and other scalps issues. This shampoo has dermo-purifying and anti-microbic action which activates hair loss reduction and promotes hair growth.

Tips and Tricks


It’s hard to not scratch your head when it feels like its on fire with itchiness but scratching your head will only make things worse.


Using a small amount every now and then can help lower yeast levels on the skin and calm any inflammation.


Be careful not to use bleach or alcohol products as they will dry out your hair. Other chemicals may be having an affect so being careful of what you place in your hair!


Stress can cause physical symptoms like inflammation or hair loss. Managing stress by practicing meditation or exercising will create a positive physical affect.

Always remember if conditions worsen or the treatments or tips don’t work, please refer to your doctor for further medical advice.

How To Use Anti Dandruff Shampoo

Having a consistent routine is essential in achieving the best results! We recommend washing your hair 1 to 2 times a week. Here is a quick how to guide to ensure you’re doing the most you can:

Step One –
Brush your hair focusing on your scalp to loosen dry flakes and prevent breakage during the wash process.

Step Two –
Lather the Anti Dandruff Shampoo you have chosen, for instance Purity Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, lather in your hair focusing on your scalp’s issue areas. Rinse your hair in lukewarm or cool water to calm inflammation and reduce heat stress on skin.

Repeat this step.

Step Three –
Pair the shampooing process with a moisturising and nourishing conditioner. This will help eliminate dryness throughout your hair and locks in the shampoos ingredients!

TIP: Rotating an Anti Dandruff Shampoo with a medical shampoo will help ensure your scalp doesn’t get too used to the shampoo’s affects.

Dandruff can be really embarrassing and maybe tricky to treat but always remember it’s quite common and there’s lots of information out there to help. If you have tried everything and are still finding you are having issues, see your medical professional for advice.


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