Fanola Artist Q&A: Basic Bleech

Grace is one of our Fanola artists based in London, and you can find her on Instagram and Tik Tok at @basicbleech. We can guarantee that her posts will give you all the hair inspiration you need and leave you with major hair envy. Another great thing about Grace is that she isn’t afraid to play with colour. She is constantly experimenting with her hair, providing us with fresh new styles. As well as slaying, colourful creations, she also produces a beautiful balayage. So we were so excited to chat with her about her experiences as a hairdresser. And get to know her a little bit better.

 Hair 101

Have you always wanted to be a hairdresser? If you weren’t a hairdresser, what would you be doing instead?

I haven’t always wanted to be a hairdresser, but I’ve recently switched careers from the corporate world. And now, I cannot see myself in any other industry as hair is just such a big passion of mine!

What’s your favourite thing about being a Fanola Artist?

 My favourite thing Is having a little Fanola family! It really humbles me to see other talented stylists slay every day and sometimes I can’t quite believe I was chosen amongst them. Plus, the monthly packages are always a welcomed treat!

What are your favourite Fanola products?

My favourite will always be No Yellow Shampoo. But the Incredible Foam is a close second, so much fun to work with and tones blonde hair beautifully!

What are your favourite hairstyles/looks to create?

My favourite look to create is soft, loose curls on luscious long hair.

What Hair Is Trending

What do you predict to be the biggest hair trend for Autumn/Winter?

I think the classic copper and auburn tones will be back for sure. Maybe rose gold hair, especially when paired with a blended balayage as it’s the perfect balance of wearable and fun without it being too loud or bright. I’ve also been doing a few different shades of blues for my clients recently so that could be a thing this season. I feel like people have been more adventurous with their hair post-lockdown and I am here for it! 


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From brassy to sassy! 💙 pastel metallic silvery blue with a deep purple shadow root for the cutest baker @erickaaespino . . My client previously went to a chain salon in London looking for ash blonde but came out with fried, damaged & orangey hair 😢 after our consultation she decided to go for this beautiful colour!! I AM OBSESSED!!! . Using @fanolaofficialuk toners – 5.22 + T.Silver + 10 vol for roots & 9.2F + T.Silver + T.Blue + 10vol for the blue . . . . @fanolaeducation @fanola.official @fanolaaus @fanolaireland @fanolaecuador @fanola #fanola #fanolauk #fanolaformula #fanolaartist #fanolapurpleshampoo #fanolaproducts. . @beautyawardscompetition #colorartistoftheyearawards2020 #transformationoftheyearawards2020

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Which celebrities hair are you loving at the minute?

I take a lot of my inspiration from k-pop idols. I’m currently (and always have been) crushing on the Blackpink girls’ hair! Fave of the bunch will have to be Jisoo’s ash mushroom brown, long hair in waves.


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Get to Know Grace

How do you keep your hair looking healthy?

I generally wash my hair once a week. I use the No Yellow Thermo-Protective Cream, Shield Protective Mist, and Bi-Phase Leave-In Conditioner when my hair is damp. I also give myself a Fiber Fix treatment about once a month to keep my bleached hair strong and healthy!

Do you have any hobbies/interests outside of work?

I feel like since hairdressing is such a social job when I have time off, I love staying home. Just on the sofa with a blanket, watching a movie whilst snuggling with my fiancé & bunny. I also enjoy travelling and exploring new countries, eating lots of good food & spending time with friends and family (probably eating some good food at the same time).

What is your favourite social media platform, and why?

I’m most active on Instagram, and it was the first platform I used to promote my business. But recently I have been obsessed with Tik Tok! Something about creating and watching quick little videos just makes me happy.

Last But Not Least

What Netflix show are you binge-watching now?

I’ve just finished Ratched. I literally watched it all in one sitting. I ended up going to bed at 3 am, but it was so worth it. I love a documentary and have recently watched The Social Dilemma, and (Un)well both very interesting!

 I’ve also been re-watching The 13th, When They See Us, Hello, Privilege. It’s Me, Chelsea, and a few other shows over lockdown to help refresh my memory on why BLM has been and will always be relevant.

If you were stuck on a desert island, what three essentials could you not live without?

I’m actually the worst at hypothetical questions. But I guess I’d bring my bunny to keep me company (although not very practical as he is a prey animal). A survival guidebook or something. And a lot of instant noodles to keep me going until I manage to adapt to life in the wild.

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