Fanola Artist Q&A: Sian Walker

Sian is one of our brilliant Fanola Artists and is the owner of My Good Salon. You can find her on Instagram at cs.walker _ as well as her salon mygoodsalon. Sian is not only killing the hair game, but she is also our go-to account for positivity, inspiration and mindfulness. We admire how she not only promotes mental wellbeing on her own account but how she has made this a focus in her salon too. Her love for hair doesn’t end at the salon either. She often hosts workshops and private education sessions, where she shares her knowledge and techniques she has learnt over the years as a hairdresser.


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What are your favourite things about being a Fanola Artist?

It absolutely has to be working with Fanola as a brand! I’m so fortunate and grateful to be able to try a different range of different products each month, that I wouldn’t necessarily know about. Then sharing my knowledge onto my hair students, they LOVE Fanola products!


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What Fanola products could you not live without in your kit?

The Nutricare Nutri-One 10 Actions Spray. It is my lifesaver leave-in conditioner for knotty hair!

Who/what inspires you as a hairdresser?

With the world at the end of our fingertips these days, it has to be Instagram for me. I can spend hours getting lost in hair pictures from artists around the globe and working out how they did it. My favourite hair artist right now has to be Jaye Edwards! I am obsessed with the Australian, lived in hair vibes!

Do you have a go-to Fanola formula that you love to use?

 Yes! I’m in love with the Fanola Free Paint range. Clear with a dot of Purple Grape makes a beautiful Lilac, which is also SO good for toning away yellow in blondes!

What do you enjoy most about hosting workshops, and why?

Sharing my knowledge. What’s the point in having knowledge if you can’t share it?


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A post shared by SIAN WALKER (@cs.walker_)

Mental wellbeing is something you promote on your own Instagram and the salon’s Instagram. Other than the amazing, inspiring salon decor, how else do you support mental wellbeing in the salon?

First of all, thank you so much! I wanted the salon to be a place where people leave feeling uplifted. Last year we removed all of the ‘gossip magazines.’ We replaced them with uplifting, educational books and magazines, to feed our guests minds something positive, rather than gossip. 

This year we also added our ‘mirror blinds’ into the salon – these are to cover the mirror to cater to our self-conscious clients, to make them feel more at ease for the 3-4 hours they are in our chair. Then we reveal their colour at the end of the appointment!

Before lockdown, we also started hosting a range of ‘self-care/self-love’ nights! For anyone who wanted to do mind/soul work. This included learning meditation, different forms of self-love and healing sessions. 

How do you plan to keep positive during lockdown?

I’m a strong believer that what you feed your mind determines your appetite. So I plan to feed my mind only positive material during lockdown, motivational videos/podcasts, happy, uplifting films and music. As well as lots of meditation and to stay away from too much news.

Which 4 celebrities (dead or alive) would you invite to a dinner party?

Gary Vee for the stern business chat at the beginning of the night. Lindsey Lohan for the party. Michael Flatley to Irish dance to C est la vie at 2 am, then Robin Williams for the hug when it’s all gone wrong! What a dinner party that would be.

What are the best and worst things about being a salon owner?

The best thing about being a salon owner is, having free rein to create your vision within a business. I have loved being able to create something out of my passion for hair and mental well-being.

The worst thing about being a salon owner has to be the ‘number’ side of things for me. I sucked at school, I hate maths, and I have a mini panic attack every time my accountant calls me. Luckily, I have an incredible accountant that guides me through and advises me what the next business move is!

Do you have any hair horror stories of your own?

Oh yes! Age 13 after watching our family hairdresser use the cap for applying my mum’s highlight. Well, I thought that looked like a piece of p*ss and did some on myself. I looked like a cast member of 101 Dalmatians.

What advice would you give to a young, aspiring hairdresser?

Watch and learn! Surround yourself with inspiring hairdressers. Write to your favourite one and ask them if you can assist them for free! Then pick their brains apart. Don’t think about the money yet – that will follow. 

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