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Fanola Artist Q&A: Cassie Barford

Cassie is one of our talented Fanola artists and is the owner of not one, but two, amazing salons based in Plymouth. You can find both of her salons on Instagram at @amorehaircornwallstreet and @amore.hair1, as well as herself @cassiebarford_hair. Both of her salons are Fanola only salons, which means they only use Fanola products. Also, if you live local to her salons you can buy your Fanola goodies there. If you take one look at her Instagram account, you can already gather that she is a balayage and blonde specialist. Her incredible, scroll worthy, creations will have you obsessing over a buttery blonde one minute, to a statement copper the next. We love Cassie’s passion for hair and her love for Fanola products.


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What are your favourite things about being a Fanola Artist?

 My salon is a Fanola product only, salon. It’s amazing, to be able to show and represent as a Fanola artist how much I love and believe in the products. Plus, be able to show how good they are via my work.

Amore Hair Salon

What Fanola products could you not live without in your kit?

 My favourite Fanola product has to be the whole reason I started on the Fanola journey, and that is the famous No Yellow Shampoo. It’s powerful toning literally does what it says, leaves no yellow, and my clients love it too! It keeps my hard blonding work perfect at home. 

 My second is the Nutricare Restructuring Split Ends Cream. It is the bomb for smoothing out those ends and sealing them, whilst blow drying. It is unreal definitely a fave of mine. 

 Colour wise I’m in love with the violet lightener. This lightener is another level with low peroxide (I’m a slow and low kinda girl.) I can achieve outstanding results along with the no yellow toning system.

What’s your favourite Fanola hair creation you have done?

My favourite Fanola creation? That is a hard one. I have so many! But the one I get the most attention, and phone call bookings about either the style or colour, is a short restyle I did on a long-standing client friend. It was quite refreshing as I do so many long creations. It was so much fun! After years of the same routine haircuts variations due to her previous job restrictions. I got asked to be as creative as my heart desired, and I loved the results.

Fanola Formula

Violet Lightener with 20 vol mid-lengths and ends for 20 minutes. Then applied to the roots and left for a further 20 minutes. Toned with T.21 + T.11 10 vol.


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What would you say your hair speciality is?

My hair speciality is what I’m known for, blonding and balayage techniques, without a doubt! Also, precision cutting scissors are an extension of my hand. I have been called Edward scissor hands before!

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Creative, honest and caring.

If you weren’t a hairdresser, what do you think you would be doing instead?

If I weren’t a hairdresser, believe it or not, my second choice was a mechanic! Yes, I was a girl racer in my younger years, a confession made ha!

What do you love the most about owning your salons?

What I love most about owning my salons is I set out to create a different salon environment for both clients and staff. A more relaxed, non-commercial, professional way within a salon. So clients feel they get a more personal experience. I take great pride in ensuring all staff are treated equally and fairly, even the self-employed get holiday pay. I wanted a salon that I was happy working in and a happy working environment for everyone.

That is what I love the most about owning my own salons. If everyone else is happy, I’m happy, which means I get to be as creative as I want with no boundaries. After all, I can do whatever I like. No one can tell me I can’t do it, because it’s my place to be the most creative stylist I can be!


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We know you are spending time with your fur baby while in lockdown, how else are you keeping busy?

Hairdressing is a very social and creative environment, with so many rewards, and I miss it immensely. But spending quality time with my fur baby is the best. I am not going to lie, he has had a hard, year health-wise, so I feel lucky to get this time with him by my side.

Lockdown is spent, going through all my social media, catching up on posting my creations, I never get time to do. Also, working on the new website and plenty of other admin that comes with running two salons. I keep in touch with my employees, of course, checking that they are safe and well. I am also constantly learning and educating myself with new ideas that I can bring to the salon and keeping up to date with trends.

Oh, and I have five, yes, five children! Between me and my partner, homeschooling you could say I am kept busy ha!


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What celebrity’s hair are you loving at the minute?

I don’t have a favourite celebrity’s hair. But I am loving all the celebs that are rocking the newly reinvented bang! It is making a huge comeback this year for 2021. Especially the lobs incorporating bangs with a cheeky few baby lights framing the faces too.

What TV shows are you currently binge-watching?

The last series I binged watched and couldn’t stop, all day every day, was in the last lockdown. I know it’s old, but I wanted to wait until the series was complete. Orange Is the New Black, eight series, back to back, that stuff was good! I had to rewatch the last episode to clarify it was the end to myself! If anyone can recommend another multiple series give me a shout. Although the boyfriend gets fed up, as everything he suggests, I’m like, seen!

Which Fanola products are part of your hair routine?

My Fanola regime at the minute is the Colour Care shampoo and conditioner followed by the Nutricare Nutri-One 10 Actions Leave-In Spray. I then apply the Nutricare Restructuring Split Ends Cream to the ends. Finishing the mid-length and ends with the Oro Therapy Illuminating Fluid!

Now it’s time to go and show Cassie some love by following her on her social media platforms! Make sure you check back for our next Fanola artist question and answer.


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