Oro Therapy

The Oro Therapy line is a must-have for salon professionals who want their clients to leave the salon feeling a million dollars. All the products contain micro-particles of pure 24K gold that leaves the hair brilliant and full of shine. Plus, the range contains everything you need to create flawless hair transformations.

What’s in the range?

  • 64 colours.
  • 4 intensifiers.
  • 3 superlighteners.
  • Gold activators (peroxide.)
  • Keratin blue bleach.
  • Unique perm.
  • Perm neutraliser.
  • Retail products.

Why Should I Use Oro Therapy Colour?

Oro Therapy is a permanent, ammonia-free colouring system that was developed specifically for the ultimate hair colouring experience. The colour is not harsh or abrasive and respects the scalp. Yet, it still provides you with long-lasting, safe, and reliable results.

How It Works

Thanks to the colour’s formula containing several, hair-loving ingredients we can guarantee hydration and nourishment for all hair types. You will be surprised how soft and silky the hair feels, considering it has just undergone a colour service. Your client’s hair will be left with an enviable shine.

Hair-loving Ingredients

  • 24K Gold leaves the hair brilliant and full of shine. It enhances the brightness of cosmetic colours.
  • Argan Oil guarantees perfect and optimum results conveying the pigment inside the hair as well as leaving the hair soft and hydrated.
  • Keratin strengthens this bond favouring an intense restructuring action during the colour process.

The absence of ammonia ensures that the 24K colloidal gold elevates and enhances the quality colour in full respect of the scalp and the hair fibre.

Colour Code

It is important to mention that Fanola follows the International Colour Code. It allows you to easily identify the level/depth of the shade.

Gold Activators

The Gold Activators were designed specifically for the Oro Therapy colour line and Oro Therapy Keratin Blue Bleach. Therefore, the Oro Therapy Colours need to be used alongside the Gold Activators for optimal results. Like the colours, the activators are enriched with 24K Colloidal Gold and Argan Oil. Furthermore, the specific creamy formula supports the treating, restructuring and softening actions of the active ingredients.

Oro Therapy Keratin Blue Bleach

Bleach is a salon essential, and the Oro Therapy Keratin Blue Bleach is no different. This bleach is ideal for carrying out streaks, lightening, decolouring and all other lifting techniques. Furthermore, while the bleach works at lightening the hair, the Keratin and Argan Oil protects, nourishes, and strengthens the hair. The product’s non-volatile formulation reduces the risks of irritation and sensitivity.

Trade Exclusive Offer

Can’t wait to get your hands on our Oro Therapy technical products? You’re in luck! We have just launched an offer that you don’t want to miss. Spend a minimum of £50 on Oro Therapy professional products and get a 1L 10vol, 20vol and 30vol Gold Activator for free.

Products included in £50 minimum spend:

  • Oro Therapy Colours
  • Oro Therapy Keratin Blue Bleach
  • Oro Therapy Tint Bowl
  • Oro Therapy Tint Brush
  • Unique Perm
  • Oro Therapy Perm Neutraliser


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