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Fanola’s Best Selling Products You Have To Try

What does it take to feel truly attractive?! Good physique, a stylish wardrobe, healthy teeth, and of course, beautiful hair!

“Nice hair” doesn’t just entail a good haircut and style. Hair care is an essential part of our everyday routine, and as such, you should ensure that you have the right hair products to enhance your hairstyle to give you a daily boost of confidence each day!

As the adage goes, “Health is Wealth.” This not only applies to your body but to your hair as well. Brittle and frizzy hair still can make as much a statement to poor health; or worse, that you don’t care about your appearance!

So what are the must-have hair products you should invest in for an everyday fresh look? Here’s a list of five Fanola’s best seller products that you have to try in 2019!

1.     Fanola No Yellow Vegan Shampoo

Dying your hair for a fresh new look can be time-consuming and quite pricey. Furthermore, maintaining your new look can be more of a headache than you bargained for. But with the right products, your brand new shine can go the distance!

Fanola’s No Yellow Vegan Shampoo targets both protein and moisture depleted hair. It helps remove any unwanted yellow tones from blonde, bleached, and lightened hair. The key ingredient is Baobao seed oil that is known to restore and repair the hair’s natural shine and silkiness.

When used regularly, the shampoo allows for colour longevity as well as hydration and reconstruction of brittle hair strands. As the name suggests, the product is able to tackle tons of hair tone and promises to rid you of any unsightly brassy tones!

Ingredients: Baobao Seed Oil * Sulphate Free Silicone Free Paraben Free

2.     Fanola After Colour Care Conditioner

Dyed hair needs extra care to not only extend the colour for as long as possible but also to ensure that your hair stays healthy and strong throughout. With that said, Fanola’s After Colour Care Conditioner is a must have.

This product is made using hydrating and colour enhancing botanicals specially meant to cool any hair brassiness and bring out your natural shine.

The conditioner keeps colour vibrant by locking in moisture and shine to help that your hair stay healthy and beautiful all season long! The best part?! Fanola colour care conditioner is excellent for all hair colours, including white, blonde, and silver tones.

Ingredients: Beta Carotene, Linseed Oil

3.     Fanola After Colour Care Mask

If you’ve ever dyed or treated your hair before, then you’re probably familiar with the downsides that come along if it’s not well maintained – brittle strands, lack of shine, dry ends, etc.

Using an after care mask can do wonders for the strength and structure of your hair.

Fanola After Colour Care Mask is infused with non-toxic ingredients such as Vitamin A and Linseed oil that will undoubtedly fortify and deep condition your hair. These ingredients will increase your hair’s shine and softness in due time.

With frequent use, this creamy and lightly-scented care mask will repair any split ends, increase hair volume, and shield your hair from any breakage.

Ingredients: Beta Carotene, Linseed Oil from Omega-3 fatty Acids

4.     Fanola Nutricare Restructuring Fluid Crystals

It’s not just thick or coarse hair that benefits from restructuring oils; even thin, coloured, and oily locks can reap the rewards. It’s all just a matter of finding the right hair product for you.

Fanola’s Reconstructing Fluid Crystals are rich in Aloe Vera and Linseed oils, which will help your coarse, dry, and unruly hair be shinier, detangled, and manageable tresses. A few drops rubbed onto your palm and into your hair will work wonders within minutes.

The oils used in Fanola’s Reconstruction Fluid Crystals also aid in building stronger strands. These benefits make the fluid a must-have product for your weekly locks treatment! The product is ideal for curly, frizzy, and perm hair.

Ingredients: Proteolytic Enzymes, Aloe Vera, Linseed Oil

5.     Botugen Botolife Filler Spray

Many people all over the world, both young and old suffer from thinning or hair loss altogether. Sadly, this embarrassing effect can play on your self-esteem.

However, all is not lost because a Fanola’s Hair Filler Spray can take your hair from its natural state to something more in-line with how you wish to style it effortlessly.

Whether you have limp, frizzy/ thin hair or you just need a product that can tame, smoothen, and add volume to your hair; Fanola’s Filler Spray is just what you need for noticeable thicker hair and a gorgeous mane. This product is also sulphate , paraben, and allergen free.

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    Botugen Filler Spray 150ml

    Botugen targets the hair’s cortex and reconstructs damaged hair from the inside, strengthening the cuticle and making it compact and elastic, plumping up brittle and damaged hair. Botugen Filler Spray gives tone, body and volume to the hair, making it extraordinarily shiny, soft and silky. It is not sticky, does not weigh the hair down and makes the hairstyle last longer. This is step 4 of a 4-step process.
    • Sulphates free
    • Paraben free
    • Allergen free fragrance
    • pH: 4.0

    Spray evenly on towel dry, slightly pre-dried hair along the whole lengths, massage with your hands, then process to style. If you are going to use a hot plate, spray the product on the hair a second time. For salon use and retail.

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    Fanola Botugen Botolife Filler Spray 150 ml

    Botugen Filler Spray 150ml


    Fanola Botugen - professional system and products to reconstruct brittle and damaged hair

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    Nutricare Restructuring Fluid Crystals

    Nutricare Restructuring Fluid Crystals is rich in Aloe Vera and Linseed Oil, leaving hair shiny and hydrated. It repairs split ends and is ideal for curly, frizzy and permed hair. Restructuring Fluid Crystals benefits:
    • Proteolytic Enzymes repair dead skin cells on the scalp
    • Aloe Vera acts as a great conditioner and promotes healthy hair growth
    • Linseed Oil is abundant in omega-3 fatty acids
    • Skin revitalising and anti-inflammatory properties of Linseed Oil assists with problems created by psoriasis and eczema
    This product is a concentrated formula with a watermelon scent to leave your hair smelling delicious all day.

    Apply a few drops to clean hair, either wet or dry and style.

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    Nutricare Restructuring Fluid Crystals

    £18.30 Nutricare Restructuring Fluid Crystals is rich in Aloe Vera and Linseed Oil, leaving hair shiny and hydrated. It repairs split ends and is ideal for curly, frizzy and permed hair.

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Final Thoughts

Your hair deserves the best products, and none can compete with Fanola hair products. These sworn-by products will bring health back to your hair no matter how dull, frail, and bristled it is. The products are made from non-harsh chemical sulfates and sodium chloride – you can rest assured knowing that they will deposit pigmentations whilst repairing and hydrating your hair. 


Have you tried any Fanola hair products before? What were your thoughts? We’d love to hear from you so do leave us a comment below and let’s all shine through our hairs together!


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