Fanola’s Top 5 Instagrammable Hairstyles Now

Blogger babes and Influencers are always sporting the best looks for the Gram, and we are not just talking about their enviable outfits and flawless makeup. We are talking about their instagrammable hairstyles!

These girls are known for experimenting with style and are the first to showcase the latest trends. We look to them for inspiration and view them as a trusty, older sister. But instead of dishing the gossip on their new Negroni recipe, they are showing us the must-have hairstyles for that season.

Get ready for our top 5 Instagrammable hairstyles!

First up we have @Missjoslin

This girl knows how to take wardrobe basics to the next level! Her feed is full of simplistic, yet edgy outfits and cool photo locations.

Her hair in this Instagram post is giving us bohemian, beach vibes and we love how effortless it looks. This hairstyle would look amazing around the pool on holiday or at a Festival. Plus, this instagrammable hairstyle is super easy to copy yourself.


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Close up. 😋🌴💚

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How to achieve this look

  • For this look, you want to keep your hair in its natural state and avoid straightening or curling it.
  • To achieve a loose beach wave, apply our Fanola Styling Tools Curl Control Curl Defining Fluid to damp hair, and then sleep with your hair in plaits overnight.
  • In the Morning brush out the waves and use a Fine-Toothed Comb to create a middle parting.
  • Next, you need to separate two small sections at the front of your hair on each side.
  • Now it’s time to plait each side to the halfway point, no need to secure the ends.

Next up is @Taramays25

This girl will give you serious style envy! She mixes Highstreet with designer and has a grid full of quirky outfits. Her followers know her for her signature ‘Tara bun.’ A hairstyle which she models on the regular and even has her followers copying and tagging her in their ‘Tara bun’ Instagram selfies.

We love the ‘Tara bun’ as it is a great instagrammable hair up for those days in-between hair washes. Where it is no longer acceptable to wear your locks down, but you still want it to look stylish.


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To do list; Open bottle, pour wine, drink wine👀 @lasulaboutique

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A guide to master Tara’s bun

  • For this look, you will need to start by using a Fine-Toothed Comb to find your middle parting.
  • Next, you need to section off your shortest layers at the front of your hair on each side of the parting, making sure they are even.
  • Now use your hairbrush to gather the rest of your hair up into a ponytail.
  • The ponytail you have in your hands needs to be created into a messy bun and secured with a hair tie and bobbie pins.
  • If the bun is too tight and not as messy as you would like lightly pull at the sides of your bun to loosen until you get the desired look.
  • Finish off with a spray of our Fanola Styling Tools Super Light Anti Frizz Glossing Spray to add shine to hair.

Now it’s Love Island Favourite @Danidyerxx

Dani won the nation’s hearts back in 2018 when she and Jack Fincham won Love Island. We have followed her ever since on Instagram for her down-to-earth approach, and loveable personality.

Instagram went crazy when she shared a hair hack, she had tried at home, which curled her hair with no heat. And no, it isn’t the trusty French plait technique, dare we even say, it’s better!

A step by step breakdown of how to get Dani’s curls

  • First, you need a dressing gown rope. Place the rope on the top of your head like a headband, then part your hair into two sections down the middle.
  • Tie one section with a hair tie, so it doesn’t get tangled with the other section.
  • Now it’s time to start wrapping! Take your first piece of hair from the front and wrap it over the rope and then under the rope.
  • Repeat this action until all your hair is wrapped around the rope and then secure with a hair tie.
  • Sleep with your hair like this overnight to get gorgeous curls like Danni’s.
  • Once you have revealed your curls finish off with our Fanola Styling Tools Power Volume Volumizing Hair Spray to hold curls in place.

@Lauragilmour_ with Ariana Grande Vibes

Laura never fails when it comes to fashion and is a pastel hues queen. Her profile is filled with jeans and a nice top outfit inspo, and cute selfies. Laura is not afraid of experimenting with her hair and has featured lots of stunning instagrammable hairstyles on her account.

One of her most recent go-to looks is Ariana Grande’s signature high pony. This style oozes sophistication we love it!


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hitting the reset button this week ✌🏽

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Get the Ariana Grande look

  • You first need to separate a piece of hair at the front which will act as the sweeping fringe.
  • Then use a hairbrush to gather the rest of your hair together for the pony. But be sure to leave a piece of hair out of the pony at the back. This will be wrapped, around the base of your pony.
  • Once you are happy with the ponytail, secure it with a hair tie.
  • Now its time to take the piece of hair you left out of the ponytail and wrap it around the hair tie, so it is no longer showing. Secure it with a bobbie pin.
  • Next, use our Fanola Styling Tools Power Style Extra Strong Hairspray all over the finished look to lock everything in place.

Last but not least is @Lissyroddyy

Alicia has a killer wardrobe and forever seems to be on vacation! She always nails it when it comes to her outfits, whether that be beach babe or street style chic.

Alicia is one of many influencers who have showcased the bandanna in hair trend, and we love it. Time to embrace hair accessories!


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sunday mood

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Follow these steps to get the look

  • This hairstyle requires a funky bandana or a necktie that can work like a bandana.
  • Take your chosen bandana and fold it over in the middle, so it looks like a triangle.
  • Then take the bandana and place it on top of your head just after your hairline. The point of the triangle should now be at the back of your head.
  • You will need to take each side of the bandana and tie them into a knot at the back of your hair. Ensuring the knot is tight so that the bandana isn’t loose on your head.
  • If the bandana does not feel secure use bobbie pins on each side.

Let us know in the comments which is your favourite Instagrammable hairstyle and if you try it out at home!

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