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It’s December it’s official, it’s Christmas. We don’t know about you, but as soon as it hits the 1st of December, we turn into Buddy the Elf, and our festivities are in full swing. However, we all know that Buddy the Elf isn’t that great at finding the perfect present for ‘that special someone.’ But, we sure are! Carry on reading to find the most wanted Fanola stocking fillers. Plus, for today only we have 10% off all minis which are a 100ml-200ml, the ideal hair care stocking fillers!

No Yellow Thermo-Protective Cream 150ml

If you find yourself cringing at your friend using their hair straighteners before a night out without using heat protection first, then this is the stocking filler for them! Not only will their hair love you forever, but you will be gifting them something they need, rather than another bath set. This protective cream has a ‘heat block’ complex that protects the hair from heated styling tools. It also seals the hair fibres and prevents split ends.

Fanola Styling Tools Super Light Anti Frizz Glossing Spray 150ml

Everyone has that one friend who is the queen of curly blow drys and looks like she has just come straight from a salon appointment every time you see her. If only we had the time, energy and motivation. Give her a stocking filler that will make her hair look even more amazing, such as the Fanola Anti Frizz Glossing Spray. This product is the perfect finishing touch for after styling your hair and provides your locks with a healthy, glossy finish.

No More Styling Mask 200ml

Give the gift of effortless style in a hurry with our No More Styling Mask. The ideal stocking filler for those people who are always on the go and don’t have time to pamper themselves. One of the best features of this product is that it is a fast-acting treatment which means you only have to leave it in the hair for two minutes, unlike other hair masks. It is also a mask and styling product combined.


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No Yellow Shield Protective Mist 100ml

The No Yellow Shield Protective Mist is a great addition for any hair routine as it offers your hair protection from external aggressive and oxidant agents. For example, smog and pollution. It is thanks to the products ‘shield defence’ technology. As well as having a range of benefits for your locks, it also smells amazing! A stocking filler that will be loved by all.

Nutri Care Nutri-One 10 Actions 200ml

This spray ticks all the boxes when it comes to hair care, and will have any hair gurus in your life jumping for joy. This product lives up to its name and does indeed deliver your hair with 10 restructuring actions. This leave-in product would make a great stocking filler for all hair types.


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Keraterm Spray 200ml

The Keraterm Spray is a must-have styling product for anyone obsessed with straightening their hair. The spray has thermo-active technology which means that when activated with heat, it protects the hair. It even makes it quicker and easier to straighten your hair, so, as a result, reduces the amount of time you are using heat on your hair. It would make a dream stocking filler for those who love a smooth and silky finish.

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    Keraterm Spray 200ml

    £21.60 (INC VAT)
    Keraterm Spray is a progressive smoothing thermal-active action spray that eliminates frizz and leaves hair smooth and silky, with a gradual effect over time. It is ideal for hair that is straightened chemically or with straighteners. pH: 1,5 - 2,0 Fragrance: Moon Story Actions:
    • Eliminates frizz
    • Leaves hair smooth and silky, with a gradual effect over time
    • Combats humidity with thermo-active technology that facilitates the use of brushes and hairdryers and shortens the time it takes to dry and straighten hair
    • Leaves hair soft, shiny and supple immediately
    • Protects the hair from heat and mechanical stress
    1. Spray Keraterm Spray all over the hair, comb through than blow dry using a brush
    2. Spray again and use the straightener on one lock at a time for a flawlessly smooth effect.
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    Keraterm Spray 200ml

    £21.60 (INC VAT) Keraterm Spray is a progressive smoothing thermal-active action spray that eliminates frizz and leaves hair smooth and silky.

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Nutri Care Restructuring Split Ends Cream 100ml

We all have a friend that complains about spilt ends but refuses to get their haircut, no matter how much you try to persuade them. Well, this product may be the answer to their prayers. The Nutri Care Restructuring Split Ends Cream doesn’t get rid of split ends because that’s impossible without cutting the hair. But it does help to disguise them. It seals the cuticle with a filming, anti-frizz action that helps to repair and prevent further split ends.

After Colour Care Crystals 100ml

The After Colour Care Crystals would make a perfect stocking filler for someone who frequently has their hair coloured. These magic crystals help to repair split ends as a result of colouring and contain Vitamin E and Beta Carotene. They make the hair shiny and smooth as well as encouraging healthy hair growth. It even has a delicious watermelon scent.

Stocking Fillers = Done

There is nothing more satisfying than ticking off presents to buy off of your list. We all know there is nothing worse than leaving all your Christmas shopping till last minute and then having to rush around the week before Christmas. So, use our 10% off minis offer as an incentive to get organised and start your Christmas shopping. We know you will find a stocking filler for everyone! You will thank us when it comes to Christmas Eve, and you have your feet up with a mulled wine rather than rushing around the shops.


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