Hair Contouring: What Is It?

Hair contouring? Wait, you must mean makeup contouring? Nope, you heard us right the first time.  Hair contouring is a bespoke colouring service that aims to accentuate your facial features by the careful placement of colour. Before lockdown, Michelle Keegan had her hair done by hairdresser Calum Tierney who used the colour contour technique, also known as hair contouring. The results were amazing and highlighted Michelle’s gorgeous facial features. So there was no surprise that the post revealing her new look received lots of compliments and fans of the style commenting ‘I want my hair like this!’ Let’s just say we know what we will be booking in at the salon for after lockdown.

What is Hair Contouring?

Just like contouring with makeup, hair contouring uses a mixture of light and dark shades to emphasize your natural features and disguise any areas that you may want to conceal. Your hairstylist will choose a selection of different shades that they believe will enhance your facial framework, paying particular attention to your skin tone. During your consultation, your stylist will discuss this process with you and tailor it to your desired outcome. Hair contouring concentrates on the placement of colour around the face, which is also known as face-framing. Our Colour Specialist, Caroline, at Fanola HQ, says:

“We all use contouring in our makeup routine and even with our clothes by adding different layers of colours to compliment our shape and tone. Hair contouring is exactly that within our hair. When we are not using hair colouring techniques, we try to style our hair in a way to enhance our look with fullness or shape. Contouring with hair colour is a great way to experiment with hair colour and exaggerate tone, shape and depth. While finding the perfect shade for you and what works for your hair. Once you have perfected this, there will be no going back as one colour will be far too boring and will never be the same again.”

Will Hair Contouring Suit Me?

One of our favourite things about hair contouring is that it is a colouring technique that suits everyone. It can be carried out on all different hair colours and lengths. The beautiful thing about this technique is that it is completely personalised to suit you.  Meaning no two results are the same. This bespoke service revolves around you and what best compliments your unique facial structure.

Face Shapes and hair contouring
Different face shapes

How to Contour Hair

Firstly we wouldn’t recommend trying to contour your hair at home. Do your research now and find a hairdresser local to you who already knows the colouring technique and can achieve the results you are looking for. Remember to ask for a consultation if one isn’t offered to you before your appointment. During your consultation, you will be able to discuss with the stylist what you want to accomplish from the appointment. You will be able to show them photos of the styles you like. This way you can both have a better understanding of the process and whether the results are attainable or not.

Your hairstylist will choose a colour palette of different shades and tones that will frame your face. Darker shades are used to shorten and slim the face shape, whereas lighter tones elongate. A mixture of techniques are used to position the colour, such as hand painting and highlighting.

Contour With Fanola

Our No yellow 9 lift (yes 9 lift!) Is great for getting those super, bright, clean blondes. These are perfect for face-framing and creating dimensions on darker tones throughout the hair.

Using a combination of darker and lighter shades to complement each other creates dimension. It gives an illusion of fullness and shape within the hair, as well as contributing to the shape of the face through the use of different tones.

complimentary colours
Complimentary Fanola colours

5 Reasons To Try Hair Contouring

  1. It is a bespoke colouring service that is tailor-made to compliment your natural features and redefine your facial framework.
  2. Unlike contouring with makeup, it doesn’t disappear after a shower. So you can actually say ‘I woke up like this.’   
  3. This colouring technique is super low maintenance, so it is great if you like to leave it a little longer between salon appointments. The re-growth is subtle, and you won’t be faced with any harsh colour bands.
  4. Colour contour not only emphasises your best facial assets, but it also flatters your skin tone.
  5. It gives you the choice to not commit to a full head cover meaning less damage for your hair.
Time to Book That Hair Appointment

 Hands up if you will no longer be contouring your face but contouring your hair instead? Be sure to book in at the salon after lockdown for a Christmas hair glow up!


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