Hair Myths Debunked

Everybody knows that you shouldn’t believe everything you read on the internet. But what about old wives’ tales? Some lies are easier to spot than others. For example, being told when you were little, ‘if the wind changes, your face will stick like that.’ A phrase uttered by mums everywhere. However, some are more difficult to distinguish than others. Hair is another subject surrounded by common misconceptions, making it hard to know who or what to believe. So, to make things easier for you and your strands. We have debunked the most common hair myths you are likely to come across on the internet.

Your Hair Will Grow Faster If You Regularly Cut It


Cutting the ends of your hair doesn’t affect the hair follicles in your scalp that determine the growth of your hair. However, don’t let this hair myth stop you from booking in at the salon every six weeks to get rid of split ends. It is important to get rid of split ends to stop them from travelling up the strand and damaging your hair further. If split ends are left untreated, they can result in your strands snapping. 

Shampoo Stops Working After A While


It is indeed a hair myth that if you use the same shampoo for a while, your hair eventually gets used to it, and it becomes ineffective. Therefore, if you do find that your shampoo no longer seems to work for your hair as well as it did, it could mean that the condition of your hair has changed. Many things can affect your hair, such as the weather, heated styling tools and dying your hair. The change in seasons can wreak havoc on your strands, even going on holiday to a hot destination. Or if you received a new heated styling tool for Christmas and can’t seem to put it down. Your hair may be one, needing a break from the heat, and two, feeling brittle and dry as a result of heat damage. After a colour change, your hair is bound to need a new shampoo. The first thing you should purchase after a visit to the salon is a colour safe shampoo.

Rinse Your Hair in Cold Water to Make It Shiny


You guessed it, another hair myth. Not only does this make a rather unpleasant ending to your shower. It does nothing to contribute to how much your hair shines. How shiny your hair is, is in fact, all down to your hair cuticle. Healthy strands with flat cuticles equal natural shine. However, you can always fake it with our Super Light Anti-Frizz Glossing Spray!

Start Brushing Your Hair From the Bottom, Not the Top


It is a hair hack we swear by. If you still brush your hair from the root to the tip, you need to try this instead. By using this approach, you aren’t going to damage your strands by trying to drag your brush through any knots that you come across. Therefore, there is less chance of breakages.

Silk Pillowcases Are A Fad


Silk pillowcases are much better for your hair compared to normal cotton pillowcases. If like us, you will do anything for a few more minutes of beauty sleep. Then you need to invest in a silk pillowcase. No longer will you have to tame your morning bed head, as, unlike cotton pillowcase, they don’t create any friction. So, that means less chance of tangles and frizz.

 You Can Use A Toning Shampoo Every Time You Wash Your Hair


Using a toning shampoo more than once a week is a big no go. If you use a toning shampoo every time you washed your hair, it will result in your hair becoming over toned. Your blonde locks will end up dull, and it will mean extra work and extra money when you next visit the hairdressers. We recommend using a toning shampoo every third wash and alternate with a colour safe shampoo. 

If you have any other hair myths you would like us to debunk please leave us a message in the comments section below.


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