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How to Care for Bleached Blonde Hair

Bleached blonde hair isn’t going to go out of fashion any time soon. It is why we have decided that now is a more important time than ever to know how to care for bleached blonde hair. It is especially important for anyone out there that is considering going blonde for summer. Make sure you do your research beforehand because bleached blonde hair is high maintenance and involves a lot of at-home aftercare.

What Happens to the Hair During the Bleaching Process?

 When you bleach your hair, you are gradually removing all colour molecules from the hair shaft, which is creating a blank canvas, as such, for you to apply your desired colour or toner. This process opens the hair cuticles to remove these molecules. Your hairstylist will be working extra hard to ensure that the health of your hair is protected at all times, as a bleaching process can be quite distressing to the hair. They will be trying to re-close your cuticles with the correct shampoos, conditioners and repair products. These will balance the hair back out to its natural PH level. 


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Salon Treatments 

 There is no way to sugar coat it. Being blonde is hard work and expensive. But if you want to live your best bleached blonde life. Then you best start to put in the work. Otherwise, you will end up with brittle hair, split ends and dehydrated strands. Yes, hairstylists can work miracles. But they will be hesitant when applying a colour touch up if your hair is damaged. One way to keep your hair and stylist happy is by adding a salon treatment to your appointment. Salons can offer intensive treatments that are rich in highly concentrated, repairing ingredients. Keeping up your treatments at home will also help to maintain and repair the hair’s condition.

Use a Hair Mask Once a Week

 We know that visiting the salon for maintenance treatments is none existent at the moment due to lockdown. However, there are still products that you can use at home to keep your bleached blonde locks in their best condition. One of those products is a hair mask. Hair masks are a great way to replenish your strands and add moisture back into your hair. They are particularly good for bleached blonde babes as they help to detangle your hair which is music to our ears. During the bleaching progress, the cuticle becomes raised, which means blonde hair knots much quicker. 


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Utilise Leave In Sprays and Conditioners

 Another way to make detangling your hair easier and less damaging is by using a leave in conditioner or a treatment spray. These products supply your hair with the slip and slide it needs to get a brush through it with ease. Bleached blonde hair is more at risk of breakages. So, therefore, you must approach any knots with care. Remember to start by brushing the ends first and then work your way up to the root.

Be Aware of External Factors That Can Damage Your Bleached Blonde Hair

 It may be right that blondes have more fun. But they are at more risk of external and internal factors that can affect the overall health of your hair. These factors include heat, humidity and pollution. Blonde hair is more susceptible to these things as it is already fragile and damaged. So, be sure to invest in a hair product that has UV protection for the summer and on holiday. An additional thing to consider is how much heat you use on your hair. If you have bleached blonde hair, you should keep using heated tools to a minimum. But if you do need to use a heated styling tool on your hair. You must make sure you use a form of heat protection beforehand.

Request a Bond Fixer to Be Added Into Your Bleach Service

 Although bond fixers do come at an extra cost on top of your colouring service, we can promise that they are worth it when it comes to bleached blonde hair. Your hairstylist will add the bond fixer to your lightening formula to ensure that your hair is protected throughout the lightening process. It even helps to restructure your strands.

Avoid Re Bleaching the Ends of Your Hair

 Your hairstylist should always avoid re bleaching the ends of bleached blonde hair, as that is where your hair is most fragile and damaged. Instead, they should opt for a toner to even out your blonde.


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