How to Get Silver Hair

Silver hair is one of the most sought-after colours for winter 2020, and we’re not surprised. The ice queen look has been seen on celebrities such as Ariana Grande and Cara Delevingne, as well as, many influencers including our very own Fanola babe @maddicordell. But this icy style takes time to achieve and even more, commitment to maintain. However, not to worry as we have the answers to all your questions in this post.


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Leave It to The Professionals

For you to achieve your silver hair goals, you will first have to ensure that your locks are platinum blonde. It means that you will have to pre-lighten your hair to a clean, white blonde before you can even think about going silver. But it is important to remember that this colour cannot be achieved, in one sitting, especially, if your hair is naturally dark such as brunette. Before starting your hair journey, we would recommend booking a consultation with your hairstylist to discuss what is the best process to achieve the silver hair of your dreams. They will be able to give you an idea of how many appointments you will need for your hair to be silver.


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Trust the Process

The journey to silver hair will be different for everyone, depending on your current colour, the condition and porosity of your hair. The best way for you to achieve icy locks is, to gradually lighten your hair until you reach platinum blonde. You can do this by either having highlights or a balayage. By doing so, you can slowly introduce your hair to bleach and preserve the health of your locks. Although this process will take longer, it will be worth it for the overall condition of your hair in the long run. 

Fanola Products for Silver Hair

So, now that you have a clean, white, blonde canvas, you are ready for a toner. The toner is what gives your hair the silver tone. Our No Yellow Ice Toners are perfect for achieving the ultimate ice queen locks. We would advise using either T.021 or T.11. Both toners have cool reflections suitable for neutralising any undesired yellow tones you may find after bleaching the hair. However, toners aren’t permanent and will only last for up to 6 weeks. Therefore, a toning shampoo is a must-have to keep your silver hair looking salon fresh. The No Yellow Vegan Shampoo is perfect for maintaining your icy tones and keeping any annoying yellow at bay. Not only does it keep your colour looking bright and clean, but it also leaves your hair extraordinarily soft and shiny.

Semi-Permanent Silver Hair

If you already have very light blonde hair and are wanting to experiment with silver hair, then our Free Paint range could be for you. This range consists of 10 direct semi-permanent colours that can all be mixed with one another to obtain endless colour combinations. This range is ideal if you don’t want to commit to silver hair and just want to try out the trend. We would recommend trying our Cold Steel or Double Ash if you want a darker, deeper silver or grey look.

Permanent Silver Hair

To obtain permanent silver hair, you will need to opt for a permanent colour that, unlike a toner, will not fade after 6 weeks. Our Prestige Colour range is perfect for this. The Prestige Colour range is low in ammonia and full of hair-loving ingredients such as Coconut Oil and Beeswax. The colouring cream leaves the hair bright, healthy, and full of shine for longer-lasting results. Therefore, we would suggest using colouring cream 8.11 or 9.11 to create a darker silver, permanent results. 

Maintenance and Aftercare

Silver hair is high maintenance and takes commitment, time, and money to keep it looking fresh. For instance, if you first dyed your hair platinum blonde before then applying a grey toner, you will need regular touch-ups as your roots grow. So, you will need to book follow-up appointments with your hairdresser. Also, hair that has been bleached will require more TLC than other types of hair. Adding a nourishing hair mask into your routine is essential for keeping your locks hydrated and soft. Another hair product you will need to purchase is a toning shampoo. As mentioned earlier, this is needed to maintain the icy tones of your silver hair. You should use a toning shampoo no more than once a week. 

Are you ready to commit to silver hair?


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  1. Hi & happy new year, I’m 63 with olive skin, natural salt & peper ( my silver hair is platinum) long hair. I stopped coloring my hair 4 years a go. I’m using No Yellow shampoo once a month but still see sone brassie shadow on the side if my hair.
    Would you please advise what us the right products for my hair?

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