10 Ways to Look After Yourself In Lockdown

As we enter the first weekend of lockdown 2.0, we thought it would be a good idea to bring you some advice on how to look after yourself in lockdown. We all know how hard the first lockdown was for everyone. So, we want to help support all of our Fanola babes during this second one.

1. Stay Connected

One thing that everyone found extremely hard in the first lockdown was not being able to see their friends and family. Although lockdown means you can’t meet up with your friend for a coffee, there are still many other ways you can keep in touch with them. For instance, facetime, zoom, drop them a text message or give them a call. Not only is having a catch-up good for your mental health, but it also gives the other person a chance to get things off their chest too.


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2. Create a new routine

 Whether you are working from home or are on furlough, it is important to create a new routine for yourself. By building a daily routine, you can structure your day to suit you, making it easier for you to adjust to the ‘new normal’ of being at home. But make sure it isn’t all work and no play. It is key for your mental wellbeing that you plan in some time to do something that makes you happy! Whether that is baking or reading a book. 

3. Don’t put pressure on yourself!

 During the last lockdown, many of us found ourselves feeling guilty for not making better use of the free time we had on our hands. All of us had that one person on Instagram who gloated about completing their first 5K, or that friend who had managed to set up a business during a GLOBAL PANDEMIC. But we are not all the same, and that’s what makes us unique individuals. Everyone deals with things in their way. If all you want to do is binge watch documentaries on Netflix, you do that! If you want to take an online course, good for you! All we’re trying to say is, you do you, babe. Don’t ever feel guilty for being yourself.


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4. Retail Therapy

 The one thing that we can always rely on to make ourselves feel better is retail therapy. If you can’t treat yourself during a global pandemic, then when can you? Or maybe you want to be super organised and start your Christmas Shopping? Either way, there is no better time than now to browse our haircare goodies. As of today, we will be doing Black Friday warm-up deals across our website every Friday in November. So, time to grab yourself a bargain!


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5. Practice self-care

 Self-care is more important than ever at the moment. What we are dealing with right now is completely new to us all, and it is easy for it to feel overwhelming. Which is why taking some time to practice self-care is vital for your wellbeing. One of our favourite forms of self-care is a pamper night. We love to pop on a nourishing hair mask and paint our nails while singing along to our favourite artists!


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6. Download a self-help app

Let’s face it we all are spending more time than ever on our phones, looking through social media and online shopping. So, instead of aimlessly scrolling through Instagram, why not do something that will benefit you. There are lots of self-help apps on the app store for you to choose from. Such as work out apps, sleep apps, and mindfulness apps. There is something for everyone.

7. Try to stay active

Exercise releases endorphins in your brain and endorphins make you feel good, the end. No, but seriously exercise is proven to boost your mood and helps to release stress. So, time to dig out your gym clothes and get moving! There are lots of free, at-home exercise videos on YouTube for you to choose from. For instance, Joe Wicks is going to be sharing 3 new workouts a week, on his YouTube Channel, throughout lockdown. But if you prefer something more low intensity then why not go out for a walk and get some fresh air.

8. Do things you enjoy

 Now is the perfect time to indulge in things we enjoy doing. Maybe you have an old hobby you use to love but as time went on you had less and less time to pursue it. Or you might even want to try out something new. It can even be spent cooking or re-watching your favourite sitcom. 

9. Don’t focus too much on the news!

 It is hard not to see the news as just doom and gloom with everything that is going on in the world at the moment. So, now may be the time to delete any news apps from your phone and limit your daily intake of news. However, there is one news outlet that we are rather fond of it is called The Happy News Paper. It focuses on positive news and events. Something that we all need right now.


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10. Keep your space tidy

 Tidy house, tidy mind! Is certainly a phrase to live by. Especially now that we are all spending more time at home than ever, it is impossible to feel relaxed in a setting that is untidy or cluttered. So, time to roll up your sleeves and throw out those empty water bottles that have been gathering dust in your room. For cleaning advice and tips head over to mrshinchhome on Instagram. She is the queen of cleaning!

 We hope that by implementing some of these tips into your lockdown routines, you will be able to stay positive throughout this time. But remember everyone has bad days or weeks even, and that is totally normal. Just remember that this feeling won’t last forever.


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