How to Optimise Your Salon’s Instagram Account

Instagram is an amazing marketing tool for your salon, and you should take full advantage of this social media platform. It is a great way to gain exposure for your work and most importantly, new clients. But to be able to benefit fully from having an account you must make sure that your profile is optimised. Read ahead for our easy to follow, top tips on how to optimise your salon’s Instagram account.

Ensure Your Profile Is Public – this is an important one 

Although some people may feel uncomfortable about having their work out there for everyone to see, it is important that your profile is public and not private. By having your account set to private, you are shutting yourself off to a whole load of potential clients and new followers. People are less likely to hit the follow button if they cannot first get a preview of what type of content you post.

Is Your Username Recognisable?

When creating your Instagram account, you will be asked to input a username for your profile. Your username must be as close to your salon’s name as possible. So that people can find you easily when searching for you on the social media platform. You don’t want to miss out on potential followers just because your username isn’t relevant to your salon.

Consistency Is Key

Making sure that you post regularly is vital for your business. If you go for a couple of days without posting something, you will likely lose some followers. We know how busy life is when you are a salon owner. Especially, at this time of year with the Christmas rush. Therefore, we would recommend using a content scheduling app, such as Later, to help you plan your posts. So, you don’t have to worry when you have clients back-to-back all day. This particular app also lets you preview how your scheduled posts will look on your grid. 

Interact with Your Followers

Interaction and building relationships are both huge parts of social media. They are even more important when the account is for a business. One easy way you can interact with your followers is by replying to their comments on your posts. This way, you will come across as friendly and authentic. That person is then more likely to comment on one of your future posts. Another fun way you can incorporate interactions via your account is through Instagram stories. On Instagram stories, there are options to create a quiz for your followers, a poll, or for them to ask you questions and vice versa. These possibilities allow you to create, relationships with your followers and showcase your identity as a salon.

Post A Mixture of Photos and Videos

Having an interesting grid with a variety of different forms of content is a must-have when optimising your Instagram profile. Which is why we would suggest posting a mixture of photos and videos, so your followers don’t get bored of seeing the same type of content. Experiment with Instagram Reels and Instagram lives to keep your audience engaged.

User-Generated Content

User-generated content is another great way to keep your grid looking fresh and exciting. User-generated content is content created by someone who uses your services, for example, a client. The typical forms of client content you would share on your account is a selfie of their new hair they have tagged you in. It also illustrates that your clients are happy with your work to potential clients, who may be considering booking an appointment with you. 

Share the Process with Before and After Pictures

Sharing a before and after picture is the perfect way to illustrate your hairdressing skills. These posts tend to perform better as well due to the wow factor. Especially if the hair transformation is drastic also it is a good idea to share with your followers what products you used in the post’s caption.


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Tag Fanola In Your Creations

Make sure to tag us in any of your hair creations where you have used Fanola products, whether that be a Fanola colour formula or our bestselling No Yellow Shampoo at the backwash. We love to see all your amazing work! Plus, we may even repost your image on our Instagram account for all our followers to see.


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