Fanola Artists Q&A: Leanne Chadwick

Leanne is one of our amazing Fanola artists, and you can find her over on Instagram at @ leanne_chadwick_hair. Leanne is a superwoman and splits her time between two different salons. One of which is in London @salon64london, and the other in Hemel @glambypollysalon. She specialises in show-stopping blondes, seamless balayages, and bleach. If you take a scroll down her feed, you will see influencers and celebrities are part of her clientele. Leanne’s services are in that much demand that she is currently unable to take on any new clients. Talk about slaying the hair game!

What are your favourite things about being a Fanola Artist?

The Fanola family on social media is great! Everyone is so friendly and supportive. I love receiving my exclusive goodies and trying new products and colours.

Which Fanola products could you not live without in your kit?

Of course the No Yellow range!  I love the T02 and T21 toners, they are beautiful.

What is your favourite hair creation you have done using all Fanola products?

One of my scalp bleach clients. Such a clean silver blonde!

Fanola Formula:

I used Fanola No Yellow Toners 30g T02 and 15g T21 for 10 minutes.

You are lucky enough to have celebrities and influencers as part of your clientele. How does it feel having them trust you with their hair?

Honestly, they’re just another client. I remember when I had my first celeb client, and I was just like “SHIT.” I was so nervous haha! But when you get talking to them, and they like you, you like them, you just build a relationship like with any other client. I get a better feeling when they are a returning client, as this means not only do they trust you with their hair, but they also like you.

Do you find it hard splitting your time between two salons?

No, not at all. I actually love it. The two salons I work in are completely different vibes. So it’s nice to have a mixture. London definitely has the more busy, hectic vibe.

What is your biggest hairdressing accomplishment to date?

This is a hard one. The biggest wow moment in my career was when I was the assistant hairdresser for a music video for Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran. It was such a surreal moment as I had no idea who’s music video I was going to style hair for. 

My biggest achievement I would say is seeing colourists that have been on my classes absolutely smashing it with the techniques I have taught them. This for me is so rewarding.

You have recently launched your brand of hair essentials called City Beach. We are obsessed! What exciting things do you have planned for the brand this year?

Thank you! I have so many things planned for this brand. The brand will be officially launching this spring. Which I’m so excited about. It will launch with the wave combs, mane tamers, silk hair ties, large silk scrunchies and silk pillowcases. More will follow later in the year.

What song do you currently have on repeat?

Alicia Keys – Underdog.

 I absolutely love her as an artist. She’s such a strong, inspiring woman and it shows in her music.

You have recently set up a TikTok account. We love your videos! What have you got planned, content-wise, for the future?

Aw, thank you. I can’t wait to get back into the salon to create more content with TikTok. I will definitely be using TikTok more for my transformation videos. I’m thinking of featuring myself more on my TikTok channel throughout this lockdown.

How are you spending your time during this 3rd lockdown?

I am keeping myself busy this lockdown. I am working on my new brand City Beach, my online education and I’ve been hosting live lockdown interviews with fantastic hairdressers, which are all saved on m IGTV on my Instagram. I wanted to do something to lift everyone’s spirits and keep people motivated during this lockdown, including myself!

How do you feel about tackling lockdown roots when the salons can reopen?

I can’t wait to be honest haha! I know that seems mad because I know what’s coming this time, but I’m ready for them. I have told myself I will not be doing the crazy hours I did last time. Working 14 hour days, 6 days a week, was not healthy at all! You just end up burning yourself out, and nobody wants that.

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