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How to Embrace Your Natural Hair During Lockdown

Natural hair made a huge comeback last year after the months we spent in lockdown. The new normal resulted in many people working from home, which meant the need for makeup and perfectly groomed hair took a back seat. The hair salons were forced to close. So we had to wave goodbye to root touch-ups, keratin treatments and curly blowdrys for the foreseeable. Loungewear and pyjamas became a daily occurrence. So jeans slowly became a thing of the past and the facemask. Well, that became the 2020 must-have accessory that we were all wearing. Fast forward to now, and we find ourselves in another lockdown. Which is why we thought we would bring you a blog post on how to embrace your natural hair during the lockdown. Déjà vu? Us too.

Ditch the Heat

No surprise there really. Now is the best time to give your hair a break from heated styling tools and embrace your natural hair texture. We know this will be a tough one to stick too. But there are other ways you can style your hair without applying heat to it. If you are a fan of mermaid waves, then try plaiting your hair after washing it. Leave the plaits in overnight, and when you unravel them in the morning, you will be left, with gorgeous, natural beach waves. If you feel the waves need separating use a wide-tooth comb to brush them out slightly. Another technique you can use to style your hair is the dressing gown rope hack that became popular from TikTok. It is perfect for creating bouncy curls with similar effects of a curly blowdry. 


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Find a Shampoo and Conditioner Suitable For Your Hair Type

It can be hard to love your natural hair when you are not using the right shampoo and conditioner for it. It can be surprising how much of a difference a change in products can make to your strands. Below we have broken down the best Fanola shampoo and conditioner for each different hair type.


Invest In a Good Hair Mask

Now is the perfect time to invest in your hair care products and if you haven’t already got one, purchase a hair mask. Make the most of the free time you have, now that you don’t have to commute to work and pop on a hair mask. Those extra 5 minutes spent in the shower will help your natural hair to look its best. Using a hair mask is especially important if you find yourself having a daily battle controlling frizz. Dry hair is one of the most common hair types to experience frizz. Therefore, treating your hair to a weekly hair mask is a must. Below we have broken down the best Fanola hair mask for each different hair type.


Make the Most Out Of Styling Products

Styling products are excellent for helping you to embrace your natural hair texture. They allow you to shape, mould and define your strands. Many annoying hair issues can be solved with help from styling tools, such as frizz, flyaways and hair that lacks volume. For instance, if you have curly hair, you will probably need more styling products than other hair types such as mousse and curl cream. However, when trying to find the best styling products for your hair, there is a lot of trial and error involved.

Lockdown Locks

We hope that this lockdown isn’t as long as the first one. So make the most of embracing your natural hair while you can. You never know, you may prefer it natural! After all, you don’t know unless you try.


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