10 New Year Hair Resolutions for 2021

So, with 2021 around the corner it is that time of year where people start to make resolutions to stick to in the new year. But we are not talking about the usual resolutions such as, getting a gym membership or starting a new diet. No, we are talking about new year hair resolutions. Make 2021 a good hair year by following our 10 new year hair resolutions for 2021.

1. Always Use Heat Protectant

If you already do this, we salute you. But if not, make sure you add this to your list, your hair will thank you. Heat protectant is important because it shields your hair from the physical effects of using heated styling tools on your hair. For example, breakages and split ends. A heat protectant product acts as a barrier between your hair and your straighteners or hairdryer.


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2. Get Your Haircut Every 8 Weeks 

 We know how busy life can get and to go for a haircut can quickly fall to the bottom of your to-do list. However, it is important to book in for a trim around every 8 weeks. By getting the ends of your hair cut, you are getting rid of any split ends, grown out colour and unhealthy hair. If you were to avoid getting your haircut, any split ends you do have, can split further up the strand leading to your hair snapping.

 3. Invest in Good Haircare

 Show your hair love, and it will love you back. The easiest way to improve the overall health of your hair is by investing in good haircare. Before purchasing products, you should consider the condition of your hair and your hair type, for example, curly. Another factor to take into account is if your hair needs any speciality treatments. For instance, if you suffer from dandruff, your scalp will need specific ingredients to help the issue.

 4. Leave It to The Professionals 

Are you contemplating dying your hair in 2021? If the answer is yes, make sure you don’t attempt to dye it yourself. During lockdown, we saw enough at home bleach disasters to last us a lifetime. So, for our sake and your hair’s sake, please leave it to the professionals. Although the adverts make it look easy and straightforward, there are so many things that can go wrong when dying your hair, yourself. Don’t take the risk and instead be sure to book in at a salon with a trusted hair professional.

5. Purchase A Silk Pillowcase

 Purchasing a silk pillowcase can completely up your hair game with their numerous hair-friendly benefits. A huge advantage of swapping your cotton pillowcase for a silk one is that you’re less likely to wake up with a bad case of bedhead. Therefore, this means less time taming your hair in the morning and more time in bed. The reason behind this is because the material is a lot less rough on the hair, so there is less friction as you move around in your sleep.

6. Use A Hair Mask Once A Week

This resolution is especially important if you have dry or damaged hair. But this is an essential for any hair type. Deciding on which hair mask is best for your hair can be quite confusing as there are so many different types on the market. But it is easy when you know your hair type and what it requires. 

7. Eat A Healthy and Varied Diet 

It may come as a surprise to some of you. But your diet has a great impact on the health of your hair. It is recommended that you eat a healthy and varied diet to ensure that you are getting all of the essential vitamins and minerals your body needs. Certain food types can benefit your hair. Such as food high in protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and iron.

8. Learn to Love Toning Shampoo

If you’re a blonde babe, then you need to learn the importance of using a toning shampoo. The colour depositing shampoo you will need will depend on the colour of your hair and which tones you wish to neutralise. For example, blonde, lightened, streaked or grey hair will need, a shampoo with a purple pigment to counteract yellow tones. Whereas, if your hair is brunette or dark blonde than a blue pigmented shampoo will be more suitable.

9. Experiment with Semi-Permanent Hair Colours

 2021 is the year to experiment with semi-permanent hair colours. These are great if you love to try out different hair colours without the worry of damaging your locks. Another great thing about semi-permanent colours is you can trial a colour to see if it suits you before using a permanent hair dye. 

10. Detox Your Hair

You may have already decided to detox your body in the new year, but have you considered detoxing your hair? Detoxing your locks gives your strands a deep cleanse and removes product build-up, oil, and dirt. After detoxing your hair, your mane will feel refreshed and will no longer be weighed down by excess build-up. Therefore, your hair care products will be able to penetrate your locks and perform their roles a lot better.


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