No Yellow Lightener: For Pure Blonde Perfection

After the success of the bestselling No Yellow Shampoo, Fanola launched the No Yellow technical range. The range includes three different No Yellow bleaches as well as a variety of colours and toners. This professional colour system is dedicated to creating impeccable blondes and contain colouring, toning, lightening and bleaching products. Therefore, if you already use our No Yellow Shampoo or Mask in your salon, we can guarantee that you will love the No Yellow technical products. The No Yellow bleaches will be your new go-to for your blonde and bleach clients.

No Yellow Lightening Cream

The No Yellow Violet Lightening Cream is suitable for all lightening techniques. It is boosted with violet micro-pigments with an anti-yellowing action. The cream lightens the hair with a balanced, gradual action, leaving the hair soft, shiny, and protected. The bleach has a creamy consistency with conditioning oils and cranberry extract to ensure easy, even application on the hair.

Product Break Down 

  • Lightens up to 7-8 tones (3-4 levels.)
  • Boosted with violet micro-pigments.
  • Lightens the hair and minimises the yellow effect.
  • Suitable for all lightening techniques.
  • Cannot be used on the scalp.

MIX: 1:2 with Fanola Developer 10, 20,30, or 40 vol. 

No Yellow Clay Lightener

Fanola No Yellow Clay Lightener is ideal for all hairstylists who specialise in balayage and freehand techniques. The clay-enriched formula contains kaolin clay, blueberry, grape, mango seed oil, and shea butter. The bleach neutralises undesired yellow reflections and has a low-level lift. Its texture mixed with the oxidising emulsion adheres perfectly to the hair without dripping or drying, allowing for a precise balayage effect.

Product Breakdown

  • Lightens up to 6-7 tones (3-4 levels.)
  • The perfect balance of humidity and excellent consistency.
  • Suitable for balayage and freehand techniques.
  • Clay-enriched formula.
  • Neutralises undesired yellow reflections.

MIX: 1:2 with Fanola Developer 10,20,30, or 40 vol.

No Yellow 9 Tone Ultra Lightening Powder

This product is an anti-yellow, purple bleaching powder with ultra-lightening action. It can be used for all lightening techniques and contains blueberry extract with antioxidant properties. The powder is boosted with violet micro-pigments to minimise yellow reflections while lifting to the desired level.

Product Breakdown

  • Lightens up to 9 tones (4-5 levels.)
  • Contains blueberry extract.
  • Offers high-performance lightening.
  • Suitable for all lightening techniques.
  • Boosted with violet micro-pigments.

MIX: 1:2 with Fanola Developer 10, 20, 30, or 40 vol.

Let us know in the comments if you have already used our No Yellow lighteners and what you think of them. We love hearing your feedback! Also, make sure you are tagging us in all of your pure blonde perfections using: @fanolaofficialuk #FanolaUK #Fanolaformula


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