Pink Hair, Don’t Care

To celebrate our Valentine’s competition that we announced on Instagram on Tuesday. We thought we would dedicate a blog post to all the Fanola babes out there. Who are living their best pink haired lives. No, we are not obsessed with pink hair. Well, maybe a little. But if you have already entered our latest giveaway. Then you will know that the prize is our brand new temporary colour pink hair pack. After all, with Valentine’s Day coming up we thought ‘pink to make your valentine wink.’ If you can’t be cheesy on the run-up to the day of love then when can you be?

Go Pink

The lucky winner of our Valentine’s competition will win our just launched Go Pink hair pack. Inside the pack, you will find everything you need to temporarily transform your hair pink. Whether you decide on a vibrant pink or pastel pink, the choice is yours! However, if you can’t wait until 12/02/2021 for us to announce the giveaway winner. The temporary colour hair pack is now available to order online.

What’s Inside?


  • X1 Oro Therapy Colour Mask Fucsia 250ml
  • X1 Oro Therapy Colour Mask Pink 250ml
  • X1 After Colour Duo Pack 350ml
  • X1 Fanola Tint Bowl
  • X1 Fanola Tint Brush

How Does It Work?

 One of the many things we love about our Go Pink pack is that it is super easy to use, which means you can apply it yourself at home. But don’t worry! Your hairdresser will approve, as the colour masks are temporary. Therefore, they don’t contain any harsh ingredients, such as ammonia, which can damage your hair. The masks nourish and hydrate the hair. Thanks to the hair-loving ingredients argan oil, keratin and micro-active 24k gold. 

 Before you start your journey to pink hair, you need to decide what shade of pink you would like to achieve. For instance, if you want to have pastel pink hair, like our graphic designer Chloe, pictured below. You will need to mix the masks with the After Colour Conditioner that is provided in the pack. The conditioner will dilute the intensity of the pink. So, the more conditioner you add, the lighter the pink will be. 

Chloe's Pink Hair
Chloe's Pastel Pink Hair

Step By Step Guide To Pink Hair


  1. First, you will need to prepare the colour mask mixture in the tint bowl provided. This is when you will add the conditioner to the masks for a pastel pink tone.
  2. The next bit can get messy. So be sure to wear an old top and plastic gloves. Apply the mixture to your hair with the tint brush. It can be applied to dry or damp hair.
  3. After, applying the mixture leave it to process for 5 to 15 minutes.
  4. Once the processing time has finished, wash the colour masks thoroughly out of your hair.

Pink Hair Inspiration

 So, now that you know everything that is required to use our temporary colour masks. Time for the fun part! Which is searching for all the pink hair inspiration you can find. We have decided to give you a head start and show you some of our favourite Fanola babes with pink hair. Although most of these were achieved using our professional colour ranges, you can still get some ideas of what shade or tone of pink you prefer.

Winter Berry


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A post shared by Mel Brough (@mehlun)

We could admire this mixture of pink and purple tones all day. Another incredible creation by our queen of colour @mehlun. Who is also one of our talented Fanola artists. If you wanted to paint some of your strands purple like Mel has done with her winter berry hair colour. Then you could purchase our violet or lavender colour mask.

Fanola Formula

 6.1 with Rosso and Silver Additives

Oro Therapy Fucsia Colour Mask with a dot of Double Ash and 8.21 Violet Additive


Cotton Candy


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A post shared by Brandon Lee Hair (@brandonleehair)

 We are obsessed with this cotton candy babe. We love how vibrant this colour is, and it is a great form of inspiration for those of you who prefer a more intense colour over pastel. This beautiful pink hair was created by one of our amazing Australian Fanola artists @brandonleehair.

 Fanola Formula

 No Yellow 9 levels Ultra Lightening Powder

1/4 Spicy Red Free Paint mixed with 3/4 Clear Free Paint

Cheeky Pink

 This cheeky pink hair creation has stolen our hearts. We just love everything about this look from the colour, to the cut, and the perfect waves to finish. This flawless hair was created by another one of our brilliant Australian Fanola artists @ultrafadebyrich.

 Fanola Formula

 Roots 6.1 20gs and 8n 40gs and 3 cm Red 1 cm Violet

Ends 10.2f 40gs and 10.0 40gs

If pink hair isn’t for you then why not try one of our other Oro Therapy Colouring Masks. There are 9 colours available!


2 thoughts on “Pink Hair, Don’t Care

  1. Hello. I have been using Canola for some time now. I have white hair and just fancy a change. Love some of these colours. Don’t want anything too startling at my age. What do you suggest. Thank you.

    1. Hi Maureen,

      Thank you for your question 🙂

      All of our Oro Therapy Colour Masks can be diluted to create a less vibrant colour and a more pastel shade by mixing them with a hair mask. We would recommend our Nutricare Mask.

      In the Oro Therapy Colour Range, there is the ‘Chocolate’ mask if you would prefer a more natural colour.

      I hope this helps.

      Amy 🙂

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