Salons Reopening – We Are Ready!

April the 12th is finally in sight, and we know how excited you all are to get back to doing what you love. But after a 3-month break and 3 months’ worth of clients to catch up on. It is completely normal to feel anxious about returning to work. One thing to remember is that we are all in this together. On Monday, all hairstylists will be in the same situation and facing the same amount of crazy lockdown roots. Just like our very own Fanola artists will be. So we want to take this opportunity to show off their amazing work and how they feel about getting back to the salon.


Leanne is our go-to artist for any bleach blonde inspiration. When it comes to achieving platinum blonde perfection Leanne’s, talent speaks for itself. So, it is no surprise that she decided to share her knowledge with other hairstylists by holding educational classes. Leanne is a go-to hairstylist for influencers and celebrities. If you take a scroll through her Instagram account, you are sure to spot some familiar faces!



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Mel is our queen of colour, and her Instagram page is guaranteed to brighten up your day. We love how Mel has filled her time in lockdown with creating lots of awe-inspiring creations on her dolls head, and now we can’t wait for her to get back to doing real people’s hair!

Mel has told us that she is excited to see all her clients and colleagues again! Mel also gave us some advice for returning to the salon.

Under-promise and over-deliver. Make sure that your clients are aware that they may not achieve the results they want in just one sitting.


Cassie is one of our incredible Fanola Artists who specialises in blondes and balayage. She is also the owner of @amore.hair1 and @amorehaircornwallstreet, which are both Fanola only salons. Cassie is extremely passionate about hair, and this shows in her work. If you are in the Plymouth area, be sure to check out her work!

Cassie’s advice for hairstylists heading back to the salon is to remember that we are only human, and we can only do our best.


Grace is one of our amazing Fanola Artists and is based in London for all your hair needs. We are so excited for Grace as not only will she be heading back to work on Monday, but she will also be opening her brand-new hair studio. We know she is ready to slay, and we can’t wait to see all of the beautiful looks she creates at her new studio!


Taylor creates killer balayages and lived in colours! Not only is she a wizard when it comes to colouring, but she creates the prettiest hairstyles. Her Instagram is filled with drool-worthy tones and blends.

Taylor’s top tip for heading back to work is lots of sweets to get you through the long days.


Sian calls herself a ‘mindful balayge’r,’ which we love. She is an advocate of self-love, positivity, and mindfulness. These three things are even a focus in her salon as well as mental wellbeing. For example, over on Instagram @mygoodsalon, have just announced that they will be offering quiet time appointments. So that clients who may be experiencing higher levels of social anxiety after lockdown can feel comfortable when returning to the salon.


Claudia is an expert in blondes and balayage, which is clear to see when you take a look at her Instagram page. She creates incredible blondes which range from icy, creamy, and rooted. Over lockdown, Claudia shared a range of tutorials and videos on her favourite hairstyles, so if you are looking for hair inspiration for that first night out with the girls. Head over to her Instagram!

Claudia wants us to remind you all to TAKE BREAKS and make sure you are eating and drinking enough. It is so important to look after not only your clients but yourself as well.


SS Makeup Studio is ready to reopen its doors on Monday and give us all the lockdown makeovers we have been waiting for. They have everything you need in one place. Hair, makeup, lashes, you name it, and they do it.


Bethany is our balayage babe and creates seamless blends that are to die for. We can’t wait for her to get back to her clients and create more flawless looks.

Things to Remember

  • Stay safe, and remember to put your health first. 
  • Make time for breaks so that you can eat and drink something.
  • Don’t work crazy long hours. You will only end up run down.
  • Re patch test all your clients – this is super important.
  • Tag us in all of your amazing creations!


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