Trend Alert: Peekaboo Hair

Peekaboo hair is a trend we have seen all over Instagram recently, and we are obsessed! It is a great way to play with colour, yet it still allows you to keep it as subtle or as vibrant as you like. There are endless colour combinations you can try as well. But to help you try and decide which peekaboo hair would suit you, we have grouped together some of our current favourites.

What Is Peekaboo Hair?

Peekaboo Highlights

There are two different ways you can be part of the peekaboo hair trend. The first take on this trend is peekaboo highlights. It is a colouring technique that consists of taking hidden sections of your hair underneath the top layer and highlighting them with your chosen contrasting colour.

Peekaboo Panels

The second option is peekaboo panels. Unlike, peekaboo highlights they aren’t as subtle as this colouring technique involves taking larger sections of your hair and colouring them with your selected contrasting colour.


Fanola artist Grace did a complete transformation on her client’s hair. She cut off all of the over-processed ends and took her back dark with a peekaboo surprise.

Fanola Formula

NEW Black Bleach – yet to launch in the UK, but it is coming soon!
Total Black Color Mask
Fiber Fix
Purple Grape Free Paint
After Colour Care Shampoo and Conditioner
Thermo Protect


Our Fanola artist Claudia created this incredible peekaboo blonde which we are obsessed with. The blonde provides a subtle contrast against the darker top layer and is the perfect alternative to vibrant colour.

Fanola Formula

Violet Bleach Powder and 3%
6:1 and 5/0 and 3%
8/1 and 8/0 and 1.05%


We can’t take our eyes off this electric colour combination by Kelly using our Free Paint Colours. We would never have thought to pair Flash Yellow with Purple Grape without seeing this brilliant creation.

Fanola Formula

Purple Grape Free Paint mixed with the Nutricare Nourishing Mask
Flash Yellow Free Paint



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Fanola artist Mel served us up with this peekaboo hair liquorice treat, and let’s just say we are in awe. Mel is the queen of creating beautiful colour combinations, and she definitely didn’t disappoint us with this one.

Fanola Formula

Red Passion Color Mask


If you are looking for vibrant peekaboo hair inspiration, then Casey is your hairstylist. The hidden pink panel looks amazing against the blonde.

Fanola Formula

No Yellow 9 Tone Ultra Lightening Powder
Pink (not Fanola)

How to Create Peekaboo Hair At Home

For the best results, we would recommend going to a salon and researching salons in your area. So you can find a hairstylist that will be able to achieve your dream hair. Before your appointment, make sure you save inspiration pictures of hair you like to show your hairstylist. However, if you still want to try it out yourself at home. We do have a selection of semi-permanent colours you can choose from, for instance, our Free Paint range or our brand new Color Masks.


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