Vegan Friendly Hair Products

Veganism does not only include sticking to a plant-based diet, where you avoid all animal foods like fish, meat, dairy, eggs, and honey. But it also involves making sure you don’t consume any cosmetics, food, or other products that contain animal-derived materials. For instance, leather and down are animal-derived materials. You also can’t use products tested on animals or visiting places that use animals for entertainment, such as the zoo, or aquarium.


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The Growing Popularity of Veganism

 It is now easier than ever to follow a plant-based diet with new vegan restaurants popping up everywhere and with our favourite food chains supplying us with plant-based alternatives, for example, Greggs and their much-loved vegan sausage roll. Meanwhile, the beauty and cosmetics industry has also had to adapt to the growing demand for vegan-friendly products with the likes of Jeffree Star Cosmetics and Milk Makeup leading the way.


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Fanola Vegan Friendly Products 

Fanola is a cruelty free brand anyway, but we now also have several haircare products available that are vegan.

Fanola No Yellow Vegan Shampoo and Mask

The most sought after No Yellow products now come in a 100% vegan, free of sulphate, silicone, and paraben formula. But don’t worry, as even though the shampoo’s formula, is super gentle, the violet pigment still packs a powerful punch. Above all its unique violet pigment is what neutralises any unwanted yellow reflections leaving you with salon-fresh locks. Baobab seed oil is featured in the vegan recipe which nourishes dry scalps and helps strengthen weak, brittle hair. Furthermore, due to their being no nasties in the formula, it is great for keeping coloured hair looking vibrant.

Our No Yellow Vegan Mask is perfect for using after washing your hair with the No Yellow Vegan Shampoo. It acts as an aftercare treatment and is enriched with shea butter that is highly conditioning for the hair. Moreover, it improves the hair’s texture as well as effectively detangling your strands.


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No Yellow Incredible Foam

A highly conditioning mousse with violet pigment to eliminate yellow tones. Yes, please! As well as banishing any annoying brassiness the Incredible Foam leaves the hair soft, shiny, and silky. The three S’s we love to hear! The mousse texture means that it is particularly suitable for fine hair. 

No Yellow Bi-Phase Leave-in Conditioner

Leave-in conditioners are ideal for blonde locks as they act as a barrier for your hair between washes. Specifically, they can keep your hair protected from external factors like the sun or humidity. Elements that blonde hair is more susceptible to due to it already being fragile and damaged. Another reason to invest in a leave-in conditioner is that you can use them in-between washes to inject moisture into the hair, making it easier to handle.

No Yellow Bi-Phase Leave-in Conditioner Benefits

  • Vegan
  • Minimises yellow 
  • Wraps hair stem with a protective film 
  • Anti-frizz and anti-humidity
  • Detangles and moisturises locks


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No Yellow Thermo-Protective Cream

Blonde babes need a heat protectant to shield their already brittle strands from damage caused by hot stylings tools. Heat protectant sprays are essential for avoiding split ends and breakages. They work by forming a protective barrier between your hair and your hot styling tool of choice. For that reason, make sure to apply it before you use any heat on your hair.


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No Yellow Thermo-Protective Cream Benefits

  • Protects hair from the heat of straighteners, hairdryers, and other hot stylings tools
  • Prevents split ends
  • Has a ‘heat block’ complex
  • Vegan

No Yellow Shield Mist

Fanola No Yellow Shield Mist is inspired by Haute perfumery hence why it smells incredible. In addition to its unforgettable fragrance it has ‘shield defence’ technology which protects the hair from outside elements like smog and pollution as well as other external aggressive and oxidant agents.


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Fanola No More Styling Mask

Fanola No More Styling Mask targets coarse, unruly, and frizzy hair. In general, these issues are usually experienced by people with bleached, coloured, or treated hair. The No More Mask aims to nourish, moisturise, and detangle the hair. All while creating a long-lasting style. The product is silicone-free and includes natural clay as the main ingredient as it controls the volume and aligns hair fibres. Furthermore, it is formulated in accordance with an environmental philosophy. For instance, the mask contains fewer materials, uses less synthetic raw materials, and has conscious regard to water use. 

Styling Mask Benefits

  • Anti-frizz action
  • Long-lasting style
  • Only 2-minute processing time
  • Combines the advantages of a mask with a styling product
  • Silicone free
  • 99% naturalness
  • Controlled volume
  • pH 3 – 3.5

Fanola Free Paint

Your hair is your biggest accessory and is one way you can express your individuality, personality, or creativity. Our Fanola Free Paint range allows you to experiment with direct semi-permanent colours which last up to 15 washes. Free Paints are easy and quick to use with maximum expression of colour in just 5-minutes. The best part about the range is that you can mix the colours together to create unique colour combinations for unique results each time. But there are also plenty colours to choose from with 10 colours in total: Emerald Green, Cold Steel, Double Ash, Electric Blue, Purple Grape, Spicy Red, Orange Shock, Flash Yellow, Pure Aqua, and Clear.


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Free Paint Benefits

  • Semi-permanent colour within 5 minutes
  • Ammonia-Free
  • Vegan
  • Creamy and cosmetic texture
  • Even colour coverage
  • French rose extract for shine and silkiness
  • Babassu oil for softness and hydration
Final Notes

We hope you’re excited to try our range of vegan products on offer and we are sure you will love them just as much as we do.


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    Regarding the cruelty-free status of Fanola, I was wondering if you could help me to answer the following questions. That would be very helpful.

    1. Are any of your products or ingredients tested on animals?
    2. Do your supplier or any third parties test on animals on your behalf?
    3. Do you test on animals when required by law?
    4. Do you sell in China?
    5. Do you have a cruelty-free certification, such as Leaping Bunny or PETA?

    Thank you very much for taking the time to answer my questions.

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