Leave-In Conditioner

What is Leave-In Conditioner

Does your hairdresser constantly tell you to add a leave-in conditioner to your hair routine? You’ve already shampooed in the shower and you deep condition your hair at least once a week right? So why add this extra step with a leave-in conditioner? Well let’s talk about what exactly a leave in conditioner is, and what it can do for your hair.

What is Leave -In Conditioner?

Conventional conditioners are designed and formulated to be quickly absorbed by the hair strands. Unfortunately, if the conventional conditioner is not washed out correctly it can leave a build up of product – which may result in damaging your hair. Leave in conditioner is a water based product, generally free of oils, which is designed to remain within the hair and leave very little build up. By remaining in the hair the benefits of leave in conditioner will last longer and work harder. It will also help in keeping your hair feel lighter and not leave a waxy feeling in your hair that some conventional conditioners can leave your hair feeling if not washed out correctly.

Benefits of using Leave In Conditioner?

Leave in conditioner is suited for all hair types, from dry and damaged hair, frizzy or even easily greasy hair. If you’re wondering what exactly the benefits are to using a leave in conditioner in your hair routine here’s a few to consider. 

  • Using a leave in conditioner post wash can keep your hair protected from natural damages including sun or water exposure that you may be exposed to throughout the day. 
  • It also helps protect against heat damage from daily use of styling tools such as blow dryers, straighteners or curlers. 
  • Leave-in conditioner also assists in adding daily moisture in your hair which can leave your hair feeling healthier and shinier.
  • Another great benefit of using a leave in conditioner over a conventional conditioner is that you are less likely to find irritation or flakiness on the scalp that the conventional conditioners can often create. 

When should you use Leave in Conditioner?

There are a few times you can implement leave in conditioner in your daily routine. The best times for you to use your leave in conditioner is right after shampooing instead of your conventional conditioner. It’s also perfect replacement for a daily moisturizer or styler which means it’s great to use before styling or using styling tools. Another perfect time to use your leave in conditioner is as a detangler for messy or easily knotty hair.

How to use Leave in Conditioner

Step One: Wash your hair using your regular shampoo in the shower ensuring you have fully rinsed it out.

Step Two: Towel dry hair gently using a cotton towel until damp. 

Step Three: If you’re using a cream like Nutricare Restructuring Leave-in Conditioner squeeze a small amount the size of a coin onto the palm of your hand and run through the length of your hair gently ensuring you are focusing on your ends and your scalp. 

Step Four: Gently brush hair and you are ready for styling!

Achieving the best results using Leave in Conditioner?

Firstly you need to look at what you want out of your leave in conditioner and more importantly, what your hair needs out of a leave in conditioner. There’s two main types of formulas that you can find leave in conditioners available in. A water based spray that’s perfect for finer hair like Oro Therapy Bi-Phase Restructuring Leave-In Conditioner. If you have thicker or more textured hair a creamier option is probably more suited to your hair needs such as Nutricare Restructuring Leave-in Conditioner. To achieve the best results using a leave in conditioner you should use after shampooing.  However hair is most fragile when it’s wet they swell and stretch which makes it more prone to breakage and dullness. By towel drying your hair until damp the leave in conditioner won’t feel harsh on the hair and also won’t drip out with the excess water in your hair.

In this review of our Nutricare Range you will find Demi Carla talking about how she found the best way to use Nutricare Restructuring Leave-in Conditioner.

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Hopefully you are left with a little more clarity and a new found resolution to add a leave in conditioner into your hair routine. You’ll be seeing results in no time at all!


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