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About Fiber Fix

Fiber Fix belongs to the Fanola brand and is a professional hair product range. Within its range Fiber Fix features product categories like shampoo, restoring treatment, sealing cream and a professional introductory kit. Fiber Fix, addressing every aspect of professional chemical services, colouring, bleaching, perming & straightening, providing the hairdressing industry, with unsurpassed technological innovation & perfection.

Products featured by Fiber Fix

If you are after a proper shampoo featured by fiber fix then you should try the Fiber Fix Shampoo 1L. Fiber Shampoo is Step 3 of the Fiber Fix Treatment used as a multifunctional finalising shampoo for coloured and pre-lightened hair. With a pH of 4,3-4,7, it performs actions like locks in the colour, sealing the cuticles, protects the hair, more brilliant, intense and long-lasting colour

In case you intend to colour or bleach your hair you might be interested in the Fiber Fix Professional Intro Kit.The Professional Introductory Kit consists of 1 x Bond Fixer 70ml

1 x Bond Connector 100ml and 1 x  Fiber Shampoo 100ml. Those products will protect your hair during the colouring or bleaching process and make sure you look like a superstar with an amazing result.

If you want to get your next perming or straightening job done then you might want to try the Fiber Fix No. 2 Bond Connector 1L which is a sealing cream for coloured and pre-lightened hair. It completes and stabilises hair after perms and straightening services and protects and soothes hair and makes sure it looks more brilliant, intense with a long lasting colour.

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