About Keraterm

Keraterm belongs to the Fanola brand and is a professional hair product range. Within its range Keraterm features product categories like shampoo, masks, hair spray and hair care kits. Keraterm is known to provide high quality products addressed to the special needs of its customers. 

Products featured by Keraterm

If you are after a progressive smoothing thermal-active action spray that eliminates frizz and leaves hair smooth and silky, with a gradual effect over time then you should try the Keraterm Spray. It is ideal for hair that is straightened chemically or with straighteners. It is able to eliminates frizz, leaves hair smooth and silky, with a gradual effect over time and

combats humidity with thermo-active technology that facilitates the use of brushes and hair dryers and shortens the time it takes to dry and straighten hair.

If you are interested in a new shampoo that eliminates frizz, leaving hairstyles flowing, smooth and easy to comb then you should try the Keraterm Shampoo It brings softness, shine and vitality without weighing down hair. Ideal for perfecting and maintaining straight styles obtained both through chemical treatments and hot styling tools.. Apply to wet hair, massage delicately and rinse.

In case you are looking for a high quality mask we can highly recommend the Keraterm Mask 300ml. The Keraterm anti-frizz disciplining mask disentangles, nourishes and hydrates hair. It effectively combats frizz, static electricity and humidity. It leaves hair smooth, silky and shiny without weighing it down. Ideal for straightened and chemically treated hair. 

The problem many women have is how to handle frizzy, rebellious, undisciplined hair. They tend to use too many aggressive chemical treatments and persistently use brushes, hairdryers and straighteners. In these conditions of excessive chemical, mechanical and thermal stress, the outside layer of the hair fiber loses its natural elasticity and softness. In order to fight this Keraterm also offers a hair kit including shampoo, mask and spray.The Keraterm System disciplines frizzy hair. Enriched with keratin, karitè butter and macadamia oil, it is designed to perfect and maintain the straight look obtained both with chemical treatments and with hot styling tools.

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