Prestige Colour

About Prestige Colour

Prestige Colour belongs to the Fanola brand and is a professional hair product range providing more than 120 different hair colours for all kinds of hair types. We at Fanola are sure that you will find the hair tone that you are looking for!

How to choose the perfect hair colour for me

Choosing the right hair colour is not the easiest task and can be influenced by various factors. The colour of your skin tone is actually one of the most important aspects of choosing the perfect hair colour. The correct colour will compliment your skin and make it appear even more beautiful if chosen correctly. Additionally the eye colour also plays a major role in choosing the perfect hair colour. Every eye colour type requires a different type of hair colour. Once the hair colour has been narrowed down to suit your complexion and eye colour, your personal style should be considered. Make sure to choose a colour that will make you feel confident and yourself. We are sure that the Prestige Colour range provides a very wide selection of the various colour shades that you are looking for.

Hair colour range of Prestige Colour

Prestige Colour provides a hair colour for every woman, age and lifestyle. May it be light chestnut, blonde platinum, light blonde ash,light blonde fantasy violet or red booster, the Prestige Colour range is not lacking any shade. All of the Prestige Colour range tones are truly perfect, due to the highest quality ingredients. Prestige Colour makes sure only to use the best of ingredients in its products.

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