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Blue Shampoo Vs Purple Shampoo: Which Works Better?

The question uttered by every blonde babe, Blue Shampoo vs Purple Shampoo which works better? So let’s break this down and discover which blonde shampoo is the champion of Fanola’s neutralising toning shampoo range. How about we dive right into the famous Purple Shampoo first.

Let’s refresh on what exactly purple shampoo does. No Yellow Purple Shampoo eliminates the yellow tones out of a blonde babes hair. It’s most effective on blondes that are a level 9 or higher but it does, however, tone the highlighted areas on levels that are 8.5. Using Purple Shampoo on these colour levels will keep them ashy or platinum depending on how you use it to achieve your desired effect.

I’m sure you’re wondering why the purple pigments eradicate yellow tones. It’s based entirely on the colour wheel, purple is adjacent to yellow which means they cancel each other out. So why all the hype over Fanola’s Purple Shampoo? Our No Yellow Purple Shampoo is highly pigmented which means it lasts up to 8 washes!

We also have our new Vegan No Yellow which is Sulphate free. This means the shampoo is gentler on your hair as using purple shampoo too often can result in dry or damaged hair. Alternatively using Nutricare shampoo and masks in between washes will help keep your hair nourished and healthy.

Quick-Step By Step: Fanola No Yellow Shampoo:

  1. Wet hair thoroughly 
  2. Apply Purple Shampoo over hair
  3. Leave in for 3-10 minutes. The longer you leave it in the more ashy and cool the result will be. 
  4. Rinse out and apply purple conditioning mask.

TIP – If the shampoo is leaving too much colour transfer use a clarifying shampoo for your second wash to rid purple residue. If you’re finding your hair too dry, try adding a nutrients mask-like Nutricare once a week for added nourishment.

Is the No Orange Blue Shampoo worth the same salt as Purple Shampoo? Short answer, yes! Fanola No Orange is an amazing blue shampoo because it eliminates even the stubbornest of brassy orange undertones.

So who is Blue Shampoo for if Purple shampoo is for light blondes above an 8.5. It’s perfect for the dark blondes that are at least a 7.5 to a level 8.5. Hair tones that are under a 7.5 can use No Orange but it will only rid the unwanted orange tones that are visible. No Orange shampoo works best for light-haired brunettes and dark blondes whether they have full colour, highlights or balayage.  Blue Shampoo is also great if you’re transitioning from dark to light. 

Blue shampoo can still be used on those with lighter blonde hair. There is a secret to achieving a clean blonde without going green (remembering that yellow + blue= green). And here is the tip;

Use the no yellow shampoo to remove any yellow tones in the hair for 3-10 minutes depending on your hair. Rinse and now you will have a cleaner base to apply the no orange blue shampoo for 3-10 minutes which will tone any of the left-over orange shades in the hair. Leaving the hair with a clean cool ash result.

Quick-Step by Step: Fanola No Orange Shampoo

  1. Wet hair thoroughly
  2. Apply Blue Shampoo and lather all over
  3. Leave in for 3-10 minutes 
  4. Rinse out and apply No Orange Mask to condition hair.

TIP – You can create a custom toner by blending both Blue and Purple Shampoo.

Don’t get us wrong the Blue and Purple Shampoo have many similarities. For example, they both can be used as a pre toner when at the basin in the salon to help create a cleaner look. They also both portray a cooler colour effect on the hair. The Blue and Purple shampoos are extremely pigmented and when used on dry or porous hair it can reflect a blue or purple tinge in the hair.

Applying to wet hair will help stop this colour transfer or using a clarifying shampoo as a second wash. As both are very pigmented they can possibly stain your hands so be sure to wear gloves when using the products! Lastly, both shampoos are safe to use on extensions but we’d advise mixing the shampoos with a conditioning mask for a softer effect. Another reason we would suggest this is because extensions are dry and porous which means they pick up the colour quicker so this will help achieve the toning result without the colour transfer (or try a sulphate free product).

Now that you know how they’re the same, let’s see how they are different. Well for starters they eliminate two different shades, Purple getting rid of the yellow tones and Blue blasting away any orange tones. It’s better to use the Blue shampoo instead of Purple over a period of time to achieve neutralising results. Another massive obvious difference is the colours (duh!). Purple shampoo is made entirely of violet pigments whereas the Blue is made up of blue dye and a small amount of violet pigment. Last thing, they each smell very different but both equally amazing!

Are you still unsure which one works best for you? Best way to find out is test and trial and see which has the desired effect on your hair. Alternatively, if you need that visual check out the youtube videos that show clear results. Just remember to treat your hair with love and it will love you back.


2 thoughts on “Blue Shampoo Vs Purple Shampoo: Which Works Better?

  1. Hi there I’ve just ordered both your shampoos and conditioners. I didn’t realize you had a no more orange so I ordered the no yellow.
    With that Said I have a hombre and I use majorel 6,0 with 30 volume bc I have 30|40% gray and my hair always grabs reddish in the roots area and until it gets to my caramel blonde it seems to hold lots of red/brassiness.
    Now recently I decided to frame my face with some blonde and 30 volume.
    I bleached it around the face however my hair is also very stubborn so 2 xs I added the bleach and maybe took it off too early as I wasn’t thrilled with the color this time around. I don’t like the root area which seems hot perhaps it has more brass/orange so I did a toner of a beige blonde and left it for 30 min which now to me looks maybe muddy and possibly too bright with the wrong kind of brightness. I was told to soap cap it with 20 vol and purple shampoo however I don’t have your orange shampoo yet. If I do this with the violet will it help lift this brass root to a nicer looking blonde? Or do I need the orange one to do the soap cap with? Or I shouldn’t use neither and just try normal Shampoo? Then when I’m done try your shampoos? But which one?

    My other question is for my hombre area where I have caramel blondes, beige and even some whiter ends which I love the blonde pieces (just not loving the 1 inch root area that is ruining the look at the part of my hair at the top of my head ) will using the orange shampoo and conditioner harm all the blonde areas? Or do I need to use both kinds of shampoo here and treat my hair with diff products for a more desired outcome? Violet and blue?

    Should I also add the no orange to my dry brassy hair in the back of my head that has years of hair that’s been colored but been oxidized and turned to a brassy red? So that when it gets to my blonde pieces my hair looks more like a brown instead of red? Does this make sense? I wish I could send you a pic. My hair is beautiful otherwise. Sadly I have an audition tomorrow for the voice and I wanted to look really great..
    Thank you kindly

    1. Hi Doreen,
      Our No yellow Shampoo is violet in pigment which neutralises any yellow tones within the hair usually found in highlighted, blonde or grey hair. The No orange is blue in pigment neutralising any warm, brassy red or orange tones most found in brunette or coloured hair.
      If your hair has uneven shades in it, I would suggest trying both ensuring you only treat the recommended shades its targeted for.You could try to cover any areas (lightest shades as these will grab the pigment) you dont want to treat by applying conditioner to these parts first before applying the pigmented shampoos to the areas desired.

      I hope this helps and we wish you the very best of luck in your audition tomorrow.
      We hope your hair looks amazing for you!

      kindest regards

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