Difference Between Fanola No Orange and No Yellow Shampoos

Difference Between Fanola No Orange and No Yellow Shampoos

Nowadays, dyed hair on both men and women has become a norm. Whether you want a copper-red colour, a chocolate brunette look, or you wish to go blonde, a simple trip to your colourist will fix you right up!

However, changing your natural hair colour is a short-term goal with long-term effects. Catering to your newly dyed hair is crucial to making that salon bill worth it.  If you wish to clear away any impurities, moisturize your hair, and protect the colour, then quality Fanola shampoos are a must-have.

Simply put, the better the shampoo you use, the healthier and longer the colour will last. This is where Fanola’s No Yellow and No Orange shampoo products come into play. With them, you can wash your hair knowing that cleansing won’t compromise your new colour but add to its health and shine.

Unmistakable Difference Between Fanola No Orange and No Yellow Shampoos

We’ve all been there; that dread you feel when you leave the salon with colour that looks grayer than platinum or more orange than caramel. To be brutally honest, dyed hair required more upkeep than we like to admit.

Whether you spend a lot of time in the sun, or you simply love washing your hair way too often, the elements seem to always work against our balayage. However, this is nothing a good purple or blue Fanola shampoo can’t fix.

To understand the fundamental difference between these two products, let’s first take a quick look at the colour wheel. Fanola No Orange Shampoo is blue in colour while Fanola No Yellow is purple in colour.

As you may already know, colours that are on opposite sides of each other on the colour wheel tend to cancel each other out.

Using this analogy, we can deduce that blue shampoo will get rid of red or orange tones while purple will cancel and get rid of yellow or greenish hues.

Who has more fun – Brunettes or Blondes?

For many years, blondes have turned to purple shampoo such as Fanola No Yellow shampoo to keep that pesky brassiness at bay. Now, thanks to blue shampoos such as Fanola No Orange, brunettes and darker blondes can finally join in on the joys of hair dyeing!

No Yellow shampoo is best suited for coloured hair with lighter tones such as white, silver, or platinum shades while No Orange shampoo works best to remove brassiness in darker blondes and brunettes.

Simply put, Fanola No Orange shampoo works for darker hair shades the same way Fanola No Yellow works for lighter hair colours.

So why exactly Fanola No Orange and No Yellow must-have products for colour-treated hair? Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect from each of them:

What’s Fanola No Orange Shampoo?

Blondes aren’t the only ones whose hair colour can be affected by the elements. Even darker shaded hair tends to dry out fast if it doesn’t receive some TLC. A quality hydrating and toning shampoo is the key to not only replenish your locks but also to prevent the colour from fading away.

You can now say goodbye to dry and unwanted red, copper, and orange tones thanks to this highly potent toning shampoo. How? Fanola’s No Orange selection contains blue pigments that gently cleanse hair while neutralizing and eliminating any undesired warm red tones that come with the dyeing process.

This toning shampoo can also darken greys by blending them in to make them appear less noticeable.

The formula is sulfate-free, silicone-free, and is armed with botanical oils and coconut extracts that enhance colour-treated hair while cleaning it.

This powerful blue-toned shampoo will enrich and hydrate darker shaded dyed hair for a silkier and softer finish. Its fast-acting ingredients bind warmer colour shades to the hair, thus balancing out pH levels and canceling out the unflattering vibrancy in orange or red tones.

What is Fanola No Yellow Shampoo?

Fanola No Yellow is a purple shampoo explicitly made for blondes – natural or lightened light blonde hair. This toning shampoo comprises of high violet pigments that remove any unwanted yellow tones to create lusher and shinier silver and ash tones in the hair.

This concentrated formula is filled with elastin proteins and amino acids that aid in strengthening and replenishing hair.

You’ll undoubtedly notice the improvement in your lock’s elasticity against breakage after only 2 – 3 uses (thank us later!)

Fanola No Yellow professional-grade shampoo will give your hair vibrancy and shine that will actually last! This cruelty-free and ethically-sourced hair care product will treat your hair, nourish it, and banish brass, leaving it silky with no yellow in sight.

Final Thoughts

If your bleached mane suffers from unnatural looking yellow and orange tones, consider using Fanola No Yellow or Fanola No Orange shampoos! These affordable and easy-to-use hair care products won’t let your dye go down the drain – literally.

*Remember to use gloves during your wash as the shampoo colours might stain your hands!


6 thoughts on “Difference Between Fanola No Orange and No Yellow Shampoos

  1. It says in this blog article that the No Yellow shampoo is sulphate free, however the 2nd ingredient listed in the formula is sodium laureth sulphate, so not sulphate free! I believe it is only your vegan formula that is sulphate free? This is misleading and a false claim! Unless your formula has been updated since the products I’ve seen???

    1. Hi Claire,

      Our Vegan No Yellow Shampoo is sulphate free. However our original is as always not sulphate free.

      Fanola UK Team x

  2. How often should I use no yellow shampoo I wash my hair normally every day

    1. Hi Natalie,

      Its recommended to use once a week to maintain the shade you desire. 🙂


  3. I have had a root melt done and my roots are brassy the rest come a blonde. Do I need 2 shampoos or can I use the no orange on my blonde too


    1. Hi Carla,

      It sounds like you will need our No Orange Shampoo, as this is orange in pigment and counteracts any orange/brassy tones within the hair. Our no yellow is recommended for blonde as it counteracts any yellow tones, 🙂

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