Why Buy in Bulk?

If you are a salon owner, you may already buy products in bulk to ensure you never run out of your reliable, favourite brands. Certain products are used every day in the salon, such as Shampoo and Conditioner. Therefore, you are more likely to run out of these a lot quicker than other items. Buying in bulk saves you both time and money. It also means your less likely to run out on a busy day in the salon.

Things to Consider When Buying in Bulk

Before purchasing products in bulk, like Shampoo and Conditioner, it is important to consider the most common hair concern or type that you experience in your salon. Perhaps it is damaged hair? Or treated hair. By doing this, you will be able to decide what you should buy. Most salons choose a Shampoo and Conditioner that is suitable for all hair types. But if you do this, it is a good idea to stock a few specialised treatments as well.

Fanola Bulk Products

Here at Fanola, we offer bulk products from two of our haircare ranges. The After Colour Care range, and the Nutri Care range. From the After Colour range you can purchase a 10L bottle of the popular After Colour Care Shampoo. This product is especially popular with salons as it is great to use at the backwash after performing a colour treatment. The other 10L items you can purchase are the 10L Nutri Care Shampoo and the 10L Nutri Care Conditioner. 

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