Ammonia Free Colour

What Is Ammonia?

 Ammonia is an ingredient which is used in many hair-dyes. However, unfortunately for our hair using an ammonia-based colour over a long period of time can damage our locks. The reason ammonia is used in hair-dye is that it opens the hair cuticle to deposit the pigment into the hair’s cortex.

Oro Therapy Ammonia Free Permanent Colour

 Our Oro Therapy Colour range includes 61 colours which are ammonia and PPD free providing the hair with long-lasting safe and reliable results. Although this range of colours is ammonia-free, we can still guarantee maximum grey coverage but not 100%. The formula leaves the hair silky soft and hydrated.

Benefits of Using Oro Therapy

  •  Enriched with 24K Gold, Keratin, and Argan Oil.
  • Ideal for sensitive scalps.
  • Lifts up to 4/5 levels.
  • Restructuring and conditioning.
  • Not harsh or abrasive on the hair.
  • Delicate oriental fragrance

Free Paint Ammonia Free Semi-Permanent Colour

The Free Paint range consists of 10 direct semi-permanent colours that can all be mixed with one another. The range is targeted at those who want to experiment with colours and dare to be different. People now more than ever want to showcase their individuality and personality. As well as being ammonia-free, the colours are also vegan.

Benefits of Using Free Paint

  •  Lasts for up to 15 washes.
  • Has a creamy and cosmetic texture.
  • Maximum expression of colour in 5 minutes.
  • Babassu Oil for softness and hydration.
  • French Rose Extract for shine and silkiness.
  • Can be mixed to obtain endless colour opportunities.


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