Colour Charts

Why are Colour Charts Important?

 Colour charts are essential for hair salons as they provide yourself and your client with valuable information. It is important during a consultation with a potential client to use colour charts as a visual aid when discussing the client’s desired results. By having them with you during a consultation, you and the client can agree on the colour you’re hoping to achieve during the session. It also allows you to distinguish your client’s current colour by holding their hair close to the chart. Which in return can be helpful when lightening the hair. It can give you an indication of what level peroxide is needed. 

 Fanola Colour Theory is based on the colour wheel. It is a tool that hairdressers can’t live without. To be able to apply the colour wheel theory effectively, you must first consider three things:

  1.  Hair Texture – Depending on the texture of your client’s hair, thick, fine, or medium, you will have to make modifications to the procedure and timings.
  2. Natural Hair Colour/Colour History – You need to take both factors into account. It will assist you in deciding, for example, how light you can take their hair. 
  3. Percentage of Grey/White Hair – This will help you to determine whether you need to use more than two types of formula in your colour. 

The International Colour Code (I.C.C.)

 Fanola follows the International Colour Code. So you can easily identify the depth/level of a shade. 

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