Colouring Aids

Why Colouring Aids Are Important

Colouring aids are useful to have in the salon and as part of your hairdressing kit. Some people may overlook the benefits of having these products at hand when carrying out any treatments. But we assure you that they are valuable pieces of kit.

When dyeing a client’s hair, you should always apply a Barrier Cream before you start. It protects the skin against irritation and blemishes due to colour oxidisation. It also helps to prevent stains on the hairline. All you need to do is apply the cream along the hairline before any colouring treatments. Furthermore, it is easy to rinse off during the final rinse with shampoo.

Another useful colouring aid is a Stain Remover. A stain remover is an additional essential product when colouring hair. During a colour treatment, it can be easy to get colour on your client’s skin, especially around the hairline. A stain remover effortlessly removes stains without irritating. All you need to do is apply the stain remover to the skin with a cotton pad or sponge. The fine micro-granules will gently clean the stained skin.

When you are a hairdresser, it is important to look after your hands. After all, they are your most valuable piece of equipment. When working in a salon, your hands are, put to the test with washing hair and harsh chemicals. Therefore, we recommend using a Protective Hand Cream throughout the day to shield your hands from external factors. If your hands require some extra TLC, you should try the Oro Therapy Nourishing Hand Cream.

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