Hair Bleach

Bleaching your hair requires a lot of skill and expertise, which means you should avoid bleaching your hair at home at all costs. When considering bleaching your hair always take time to research the right colourist for you and never attempt to do it yourself. When booking in to have your hair coloured, you should be offered a date for a consultation before your hair appointment. A consultation gives you the chance to discuss with your hairstylist what your desired results are. They can tell you whether this is achievable in one sitting or if it will take time and several appointments. You should also expect them to examine your hair and ask you about your colour history. 

Why Use Bleach?

 So, you want to take your blonde to the next level or better, yet you want to start the journey to go blonde. Any form of lightening will require bleaching the hair, which can cause damage to your strands. Therefore, it is important to use the correct aftercare when you leave the salon, such as the Nourishing Restructuring Mask to bring your hair back to health. 

Bleaching Techniques

 Fanola offers a wide range of hair bleaches which are adequate for accomplishing modern hairstyles for using the products for:

  •  Colour lightening.
  • Highlighting.
  • Decolouring.
  • Colour removing.

 With Fanola bleaching powders you can go up to 6, 7, and even 9, tones lighter, when necessary. As a result, you can create amazing hair transformations as well as minor touch-ups with the help of Fanola’s range of bleach.

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