What is Peroxide?

 Firstly, we must highlight how peroxide should only be used by professional hairstylists to prevent damage to the hair. It is an activator which you mix with colours and bleach. It is often used to lighten the hair and is in many hair dyes along with ammonia. We offer peroxide in many different strengths for all your hairdressing needs. 

What Are the Different Strengths of Peroxide Offered?

 Our lowest strength peroxide is 3.5 vol which helps to deposit the colour pigments into the hair’s cortex. By using a low-level strength, you minimise the risk of damage to your client’s hair and help to maintain hair integrity. Both factors are key when providing a hair colouring service. The highest-level we provide at Fanola is a 40 vol. However, it is important to consider that the higher the strength, the more risk of damaging the hair. Another factor to consider when using peroxide is how long you leave the formula on the hair. The longer you leave it on the hair, the more likely it will cause damage. The other peroxides we offer at Fanola is 10 vol, 20 vol, and 30 vol. We recommend mixing Fiber Fix No.1 Bond Fixer into your formula along with the peroxide to protect the hair fibre during technical services. 

Preventing Damage to The Hair

 To avoid compromising the condition of your client’s hair, you must carry out a consultation before any colour treatments. It is also the perfect time to carry out a patch test to ensure your client is not allergic to tint.

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