Do I Have to Use Conditioner?

When you shampoo your hair, it removes natural oils from your strands which keep your hair moisturised. So, therefore conditioner is an essential step when washing your hair as it injects hydration back into the hair. Hydrated hair is happy hair, and happy hair means healthy hair.

It has many other benefits for our hair such as adds shine, helps to detangle, and improves manageability. However, like all haircare before purchasing a conditioner, you should take into consideration what is best suited to your hair. Dry, damaged hair will need one that offers a deep, intense moisturising effect. Whereas oily hair would benefit more from a lightweight product.

What Is the Difference Between Normal Conditioner and Leave-in?

The main difference between normal conditioner and leave-in conditioner is that you rinse out normal conditioner but with leave-in conditioner, you don’t. Normal ones have a much richer formula than leave-ins, so would be too heavy to not wash out of your hair. Whereas leave-ins tend to be lightweight with many coming in the form of sprays. Although these aren’t as conditioning, they make great products to use in-between washes to tame frizz and freshen locks. They work especially well for people with curly or dry hair who need an added bit of moisture day to day. Another great thing about leave-ins is that they protect the hair from natural damages. Such as, sun and water exposure, therefore, meaning they are a must-have for whilst on holiday.

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