Pre Styling

Why Pre-Styler Products Are Important

Pre-styler products are an essential step in your hair care routine. They should be applied after conditioning but before styling products. It prepares the hair for styling, ensuring that the desired hairstyle is achieved. Although some people view them as unnecessary, they do play a key role in your hair regime.

An important pre-styler is a thermo protectant also known as a heat protector. The reason this type of pre-styler is so important is that it provides your strands with a protective barrier before using any heated styling tools on them. Using, a hair styling tool, such as straighteners, a curling tong, or a hairdryer, without any form of heat protectant. Can result in damaging your hair cuticle causing split ends. Some heat protectants even make it easier to straighten or blow-dry the hair, for instance, our Thermal Shield Thermal Protective Spray.

Other pre styler products can improve the condition of your hair, which will make it easier to manage when it comes to styling it. For example, leave-in conditioners, split end creams, and treatment sprays are all classed as a pre styler for your hair. If you have brittle and damaged hair, then you may want to try our Botugen Filler Spray. This spray plumps and reconstructs your strands as well as adding tone, body, and volume. On the other hand, if you suffer from frizzy, unruly hair, then our Keraterm Spray is for you. It smooths out frizz and leaves hair soft, shiny, and supple immediately.


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