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Pre stylers

A pre styler is a product you apply to the hair before getting into the real nitty gritty of styling, almost like the foundations of the hairstyle. It takes the hairs natural form and starts to form the shape of the desired styled. No matter the hair type, there’s a pre styler out there for everyone! For those with thinning and fine hair, a pre styler enables you to give the hair more volume and appear thicker and fuller. For those with curly hair, wanting to make the hair straighter is quite common or using a pre styler to rid the hair of knots and nourish the hair.

If you want your hair to look shiny, soft and silky you should try the Botugen Filler Spray which targets the hair’s cortex and reconstructs damaged hair from the inside, strengthening the cuticle and making it compact and elastic, plumping up brittle and damaged hair. If you straightened your hair chemically or with straighteners you may want to try Keraterm Spray which is  a progressive smoothing thermal-active action spray that eliminates frizz and leaves hair smooth and silky, with a gradual effect over time. We also have a product in our portfolio that increases hydration and elasticity to the hair, carrying restructuring and healing properties. The Nutricare Restructuring Split Ends Cream is rich in amino acids and stimulates the hair follicle growth cycle

If you are still looking for some hairstylist tools and accessories check out our range containing everything from tint bowls, dispenser pumps, neck tube squeezers to pop up foils. You may also be interested in our hair colour kits consisting of ranges like No Yellow and Prestige Colour.

How to use pre stylers

If you have fine, lifeless hair, pre-stylers can add volume, texture and life to your hair, or if you have naturally curly or frizzy hair, then a pre-styler can help to tame those unruly hair. But how should you apply a pre styler to your hair ? Before you apply any pre styler you should wash your hair properly with a high quality shampoo or just dampen your hair with some water. Apply the pre styler directly to your hair or spray it on your palms and spread it in. Make sure to coat your hair with the product to get maximum protection. After that use a brush and blow dry your hair to the shape you want it. Once you’ve got your hair all boosted up and in the right places you can apply some of our styling products from ranges like No Yellow, Oro Therapy or Styling Tools.

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