What Is the Difference Between Serum and Oil?

Serum and oil can sometimes be mistaken, for doing the same thing. However, they perform completely different jobs. Serums are for styling purposes whereas oils are a treatment that you use to help with certain issues, for instance, a hair loss oil which stimulates hair growth.

The Advantages of Using A Serum

Serums can add shine, smooth strands, and tame frizz which is why they are a great product to use before styling your hair. The serum is best, on freshly washed hair before any other styling products. But be sure not to overload your hair with the product as too much serum can make your hair look greasy. Depending on hair length and thickness, one or two drops rubbed into the palms of your hands and distributed evenly through your locks will be enough.

Which Hair Oils Are Best?

Argan oil is amazing for your hair as it has many benefits for your strands. Argan oil is rich in antioxidants and Vitamin E, this means that it is ideal for locking in style and smoothing any annoying frizz. Furthermore, argan oil is a saviour for dry, damaged hair as it deeply nourishes locks and creates enviable shine. Not only does it provide your hair with a range of benefits. It is also good for your scalp. Argan oil keeps your scalp healthy and moisturised so, therefore, promotes healthy hair growth.


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