Hair Spray

The Different Types of Hairspray

Everyone has a can of hairspray in amongst their styling products because it has so many different uses. But as a result of it being a must-have styling product, there is now a huge variety on offer making it harder to find the right one for you. When shopping for hairspray, you will probably come across the words extra strong, volumizing, and thermal protectant. They are all different factors to consider when buying a new hairspray.

  • Extra Strong – This type is one of the strongest you can buy and will keep a style in place all day/night.
  • Volumizing – Is perfect for fine, limp hair that needs an added bit of volume when styling.
  • Thermal Protectant – Is another phrase for a heat protectant. This type of hairspray protects your strands when using heated styling tools.

How to Apply Hairspray

How you apply, hairspray is quite important otherwise you can end up with hard patches of hair due to spraying the nozzle too close to your hair. Another problem you can experience from spraying the product too close to your roots is a greasy finish. So, make sure you always spray your product at a safe distance. Alternatively, you can always spritz the product into your hands to control how much product you are using. This method is ideal for taming any annoying flyaways you may experience when styling your hair into an updo. An extra, purpose for hairspray is to add enviable shine to your locks.

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