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Every hairstylist, whether you work in a salon or mobile, can make use of a salon trolley. They are great to store all your tools and are easy to manoeuvre around the salon due to their wheels. Trolleys come in a variety of different designs, and this can affect the price of them. For instance, a lockable trolley is more expensive because of having the option to lock your tools away.

These trolleys are made with hair and beauty professionals in mind and add convenience to the salon. All of our trolleys have draws for you store hairbrushes, clips, products and anything else you may need during a typical day in the salon. It allows you to have easy access to what you need during appointments and to keep track of where everything is.

Fanola Trolleys

We would recommend the Glammar Aries Salon Trolley for any hairstylists that want a stylish, modern design. This trolley has six removable trays that vary in depth, which means you will have plenty of storage space. It also has a service tray with two folding trays with appliance holders.

If you require a budget-friendly trolley than the Glammar Kellie Budget Trolley is ideal for you. It has a competitive price but still features all of the functions you require from a salon trolley, such as swivel wheels and five draws. It even has a rose gold, chrome hairdryer holder. Furthermore, it allows you to extend your trolley working space by adding up to two more trays on the side.

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