Tools & Accessories

Tools and Accessories

Every salon or mobile hairdresser requires hairdressing tools and accessories to help them carry out colours and styling. It is these items that can make or break the service you provide to your clients. For example, you wouldn’t be able to create a formula for colour without using a scale and a measuring cup, as your measurements of colour, and chemicals may end up completely wrong. Resulting in an unhappy customer with bad hair. 

For you to be able to create flawless hair colours, you will need tools to paint the hair when performing a balayage, for example. Fanola has a range of tinting brushes for you to choose from so that you can achieve the desired results. We also have a range of tint bowls available for you to mix precise colour formulas. 

Tools for Salon Convenience

A lot of the tools and accessories available at Fanola are essentials for in the salon, that will help your appointments run smoothly. For instance, timers are crucial to stay on top of your drying and processing times. So, you flow through the colouring process like clockwork. It is also more reliable and dependable then timing processing stages with your phone. Additional accessories that you will require for your salon are capes for your clients and aprons for yourself as well as staff. We can provide you with water and bleach resistant capes and aprons to protect both yours and your client’s clothing. 

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