Purple Shampoo FAQs

Everything You Need To Know About Purple Shampoo

Purple Shampoo is a worshiped elixir amongst both natural blondes and salon blonde babes! However, it can be tricky to become a purple shampoo magician. There are often lots of questions and myths revolving around purple shampoo with avid users often finding their own tips and tricks to ensure the best results. Fanola recommends, to ensure you maximise results of purple shampoo and keep your hair in pristine health, to always check in with your hair care professional for advice that works best for your hair!

Who is Purple Shampoo for?

Purple shampoo is designed for blondes, pre-lightened and natural grey hair at a level 8.5 and above who have warm yellow tones. The shampoo is formulated to eliminate any yellow tones and create a cooler, ashier or platinum blonde. Using this shampoo below a level 8 may have little to no impact on darker hair tones. To tone any orange or red unwanted tones you will need to refer to other shampoo’s available to counteract those tones.

Will purple shampoo work on dry hair?

Yes it will. However you may not find an even result as when your hair is dry it becomes more porous which means the pigments will take hold of the hair much easier than when it’s wet.

How do I use Purple Shampoo?

We recommend using Fanola No Yellow 1-2 times a week leaving it in your hair for up to 1-5 minutes. If you are wanting to create an ashier or more violet result we recommend leaving it in for longer, up to 20 minutes or applying it to dry hair.  

Ensure you rinse thoroughly. If you are finding your hair is looking more violet try using a clarifying shampoo as a second wash. Alternatively, you can mix part purple shampoo and part conditioner or Aftercare Shampoo which can help the effect of overtoning. 

Can I use this on hair extensions?

Fanola recommends to use a sulphate free purple shampoo if you want to tone hair extensions to ensure they are maintained in the best condition. Our Vegan No Yellow Shampoo is sulphate free and best to use when toning hair extensions.

What other products do I need to use with it?

Purple shampoo can dry out your hair if overused which is why we always recommend to use a conditioning mask after applying the shampoo. For a mask to create a more intense ashy look try using Vegan No Yellow Mask which tones and conditions. If you are more concerned about the health of your hair the best mask would be to use NutriCare Restructuring Mask which focuses on the health, softness and growth of the hair.

How does Purple Shampoo work?

The science behind purple shampoo is all based around the colour chart. Colours that are adjacent to each other on the colour chart cancel each other out. Purple sits opposite to yellow therefore purple shampoo’s formula is created with a deep pigmentation of violet hues that cancel out the warm yellow tones. 

Will it dye my hair?

No, this will not permanently dye your hair however it will lighten and create an ashy tone in your hair instantly.

Will purple shampoo work on ginger hair?

Purple shampoo is not designed to eliminate any orange tones however it may have a small toning effect on the lighter sections of the hair.

Can purple shampoo remove hair dye?

Purple shampoo cannot remove hair dye. It will only eliminate warm yellow tones that often are a natural result of lightened or dyed blonde hair.

Where to apply purple shampoo?

Apply Purple Shampoo to the scalp parts of your hair and work it through down to the ends of your hair evenly for best results.

Can purple shampoo turn hair green?

Using purple shampoo will not turn your hair green. If you have yellow tones and use a BLUE shampoo you may find there are green tinges. If you are finding your hair colour is producing green tones, consult your hair professional for further advice.

Will purple shampoo wash out or fade?

After a few washes with a normal cleansing shampoo you may find the purple shampoo effects wash out. To maintain the results of purple shampoo we recommend using this every 1-2 washes.

Is purple shampoo a toner?

Purple shampoo is NOT a technical toner. It is a toning shampoo designed to assist with eliminating yellow tones to keep your hair bright and blonde. 

When purple shampoo doesn't work?

If you are finding that your use of purple shampoo is having no effect try leaving it in for a longer length of time. You could also try applying it freshly shampooed as the hair pores will open up and it can absorb the purple shampoo better. If you still are not seeing any changes, reach out to your local hair professional for the best advice.

Can purple shampoo stain your scalp?

If you overuse the shampoo or leave it on for too long it can stain your scalp for only a temporary time. Using a clarifying shampoo after a purple shampoo this will help lessen the possibility of staining. Alternatively, mixing part purple shampoo and part conditioner or nourishing shampoo will help the effects of staining.

When does purple shampoo wash out?

The effects of Purple Shampoo will last up to 8 washes however we recommend using it every 1-2 washes to ensure best results.

Which purple shampoo is sulfate free?

Fanola’s Vegan Purple Shampoo does not contain sulfates. This is the best purple shampoo if you have had a perm, chemically straightened or keratins treatments on your hair. This is also the better shampoo to use on hair extensions.

Is purple shampoo bad for your hair?

Overusing purple shampoo without restructuring care can cause your hair to dry out or become damaged. Which is why we always recommended to use as advised and to pair the shampoo with a nourishing treatment or conditioner.

When to use purple shampoo after bleaching?

After hair has been bleached Purple Shampoo can be used as a toning shampoo in salon and at home for hair maintenance.

Is purple shampoo safe during pregnancy?

Yes it is safe to use during pregnancy however we recommended always checking ingredients and asking advice from a medical professional if you are unsure.

Why use Purple Shampoo?

Whether you are a natural blonde or have salon lightened hair you will know that your hair often becomes yellow or dull. This is due to various reasons such as heating tools, sun exposure or overwashing. This is one of the reasons why you should be using Purple Shampoo.

How much purple shampoo should I use?

You should be using a large coin sized amount however if you have thicker and longer hair you may need to apply more as necessary.

When does purple shampoo work?

Purple Shampoo will work on lightened hair higher than a level 8 that has yellow tones. To get the best results from this shampoo be sure to follow the instructions and recommendations.

Is purple shampoo good for your hair?

Purple shampoo is good for eliminating yellow tones and to keep your hair fresh in between salon visits.